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Oct. 28, 2021

7 Keys to a Long, Fit, Healthy and Happy Life

Over the years we've discovered 7 distinct keys that help us to live fit, healthy and happy lives into our 70s.

Here is the link to the podcast, 7 Keys To a Long, Fit, Healthy and Happy Life


Here are the seven keys to fitness and health that we have discovered thorough 20 years of research and testing.

Simple, Easy and Effective Solutions that will help you to ...

Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy for the rest of your life!

Here we go

Key #1
Discover what you REALLY want, then find the compelling reasons that will inspire you to achieve your goals. We'll help you to not only discover what you really want but to find the bottom line compelling reasons that will make you jump out of bed every morning ready and eager to get going!

Key #2
You have to move. Seriously, it's that simple but it's amazing how many people just don't move. Throughout RiversZen online you will find tons of ideas to help you discover ways of moving that you WILL ACTUALLY DO.

Key #3
You have to breathe and breathe deeply and fully. One of our most surprising discoveries was that most people do not take full breaths. The health issues ... or the lack of health ... that this causes is staggering. Peggy will be working with you to learn how to take deep belly breaths and explain the science behind why you need to breathe.

Key #4
You are what you eat. So fill the tank with Premium Fuel, or even better Jet Fuel

Every body is different and reacts differently to different foods and you MUST discover the optimum way for you to fuel your body. We do have a couple of hard, fast guidelines that hold true for everyone (sugar and processed foods are evil) ... Our recommendation is that first you set a baseline eating plan that works for you that eliminates inflammation. Then you introduce new foods one at a time and test them out. This is a very simple, easy and effective way to discover the best foods for you and create a lifetime power fuel program.

Key #5
Now that you are moving, you must MOVE Well. We're talking standing taller, body alignment and functional movement. Many of our classes and trainings deal with this.

Key #6
Balancing Your Strength and Flexibility. Muscle imbalance and blocked fascia tissue cause many of our bodies troubles. StretchPro and RiversZenSelfCare are the answers to building strength through your full range of motion and freeing tight muscles and jammed tissue. This allows your body to heal and prevents future injuries

Key #7
Get Your Head On Straight. Call it self-love, self-esteem, accepting yourself or whatever you want to call it, this is the final piece of the puzzle that put us both on the path to Moving Well, Staying Healthy and Being Happy well into our 60s.

That's it. We are so darn excited you have chosen to join us and we pledge to do all in our power to help you achieve your goals. But like anything, it is you that will ultimately make or break your progress. You will be the reason that you find your ultimate success.


What next?

Get rocking with the online classes, training and courses included in Your RiversZen Online ... and be sure and participate in the RiversZen Community where you can ask questions, read inspirational stories and give/get support.

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