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Dec. 14, 2021

93 Years Old, What Did Her Doctor Recommend?

Our good friend who is 93 years old just got back from her doctor. He was impressed and gave her some great advice.


Movement. Oh, we talk about movement all the time and I'm not talking about just exercise. 

I'm talking about getting out and moving, doing something every day to get your body in motion. 

The more you move, the better you feel. 

We were talking to one of our friends in North Dakota yesterday. We'd been watching the football game and it was North Dakota State.

She's been a big North Dakota state fan for years and years and years. 

So we gave her a call. 

She's 93 years old and doing very well. Last time she went to her doctor... boy would I like to find a doctor like this... he looked at her and he said, you know, what you need to do is not stop moving.

That's the key. 

That's the key to the long, healthy, happy life to keep thriving well into your nineties. 

I'll tell you, at 93 years old, this lady is a dynamo and there are lots of people like that. How do they get that way? They watch what they eat. They, they work hard in their lives. They move, they move, they move, they love to walk.

They love to move. They love to get out. They love to do things. They don't just sit around all day. 

That's today's message. You gotta move. Move well, stay healthy be happy.