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Sept. 8, 2022

A Great Day Starts Here!

What will you choose to believe about yourself and this day, in order to make it a great one.?

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A Great Day Starts Here

Our thoughts and beliefs influence our reality.

What we believe about ourselves and our circumstances change how we experience things. 

As Dr. Bruce Lipton says our beliefs control our bodies, our minds and thus our lives. 

It's not just true on a big picture level... it's also true when we zoom into the here and now. 

What we believe about ourselves right now, and what we believe about the day that is right in front of us can influence how we feel and what we experience as this day unfolds. 

Say you woke up this morning just knowing that it's going to be a bad day. You doubt yourself, doubt your abilities and just know that nothing is going to go right for you. 

How do you think those kinds of beliefs about yourself and about the day ahead of you will shape how things turn out?

On the other hand, say you wake up, on the same morning having the thoughts, I trust in myself to make today a great day. I know that I can choose to enjoy myself, even if it doesn't all go smoothly, even if I'm not perfect. I'm excited about the day ahead and I believe it will bring great things. 

How do you think that would change things? 

How do you think that version of the day would play out for you? 

Now take a second to become present here, thinking about yourself and the rest of the day ahead of you. 

What will you choose to believe about yourself and this day, in order to make it a great one. 

Move well, stay healthy and be happy!

Talk to you tomorrow.