Nov. 15, 2021

A whole new world is waiting for you inside that door

A whole new world is waiting for you inside that door


So you drive up to a studio, you're looking at it and you just can't get out of the car.

It happens, right?

There's no shame in it.

It's okay.

Don't be scared to walk into those doors. A whole new life is waiting for you right inside.

You're there because you want to get healthy. 

You want to change your lifestyle.

Don't let your own personal demons in your head... stop you from achieving your goals. 

It's really easy to talk yourself out of it. Oh, I'll go in tomorrow or maybe they're closed or no one's coming. I'm going to be the only student. 

If you're the only student, that's amazing. 

That means that the instructor is going to be able to cater that class towards you and what you need. 

Now say that there's a room full and you're scared that it's so busy.

You don't want people staring at you. 

No one's staring at you. 

That's again, all in your head, your focus is you. The only person that you are in competition with is yourself. 

Do not let all those other people in class worry you and prevent you from being the best version of yourself. 

It's okay to be scared.

We all are. 

I can't tell you how many times I've gone in front of a class and knew that I was going to introduce a new move and I was scared to do it because as an instructor, I have to make sure I nail every single move that I teach. 

I am not going to teach something that I can't personally do myself... and it's nerve wracking.

But if you can't do it, talk to the instructor before, tell them what your issues might be with your body. Maybe it's your knees don't work, right. Or your shoulders hurt. 

You have to communicate, you have to talk to them. They're there to help you. They're there to help you achieve your goals. 

So walk in those doors.

It's okay.