Nov. 5, 2022

Affirmations To Help Clear Clutter

Affirmations To Help Clear Clutter

Cleaning clutter. I think most of us understand that clearing clutter brings peace to your mind, relaxes you, actually can make you more successful. 


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Cleaning clutter. I think most of us understand that clearing clutter brings peace to your mind, relaxes you, actually can make you more successful. 

There are now studies showing that the more you can clear your home, your car, the areas around you... the more joy, happiness, and peace you find. 

I think we can kind of agree on that for today, can't we? 

Sometimes the issue though is getting started clearing, letting things go. I've got some tips we're going to be covering over the next few weeks but today, I thought we'd start with some affirmations that maybe can help you start clearing that clutter. 

So, what I'd like you to do is take a nice deep breath 

And let it go 

You can repeat after me out loud, if you'd like, Or just listen, or even repeat after me in your mind. 

Clearing clutter. 

Thank you for my abundance. 

I am okay. My possessions do not define me. 

I choose to fill my free time with experiences rather than things or stuff. 

I can appreciate things without possessing them. 

I am motivated to let go of things that no longer serve me. 

I look at each item in my possession and ask myself, does this bring me happiness? 

If it doesn't. I get rid of it. 

I donate it or throw it away... whatever's appropriate. 

As I clean and purge I'm expressing gratitude for all I've been given. 

Let's talk about some specific areas... that maybe you could clear out. 

As I clear out my pantry. 

I welcome new energy and improve my wellness. 

As I clean out the cabinets in my kitchen. 

I add health and vitality to my life. 

As I put away the piles of shoes by my front door. 

It makes me feel welcomed and comfortable in my home 

As I organize the bills in the drawer.

I actually attract more opportunities and wealth to my life. 

As I let go of all of the clothes that don't spark joy. 

I feel like I fit into my best life. 

As I fix what's broken in my home. 

I feel whole and complete. 

As I create a peaceful space in my bedroom. 

It easily makes me feel relaxed and refreshed. 

With every item I release. 

I create space in my life for more joy and energy. 

As well as new insights and experiences to come in. 

As I clear the clutter from my car. 

I move swiftly and comfortably towards my dreams. 

As I clear the clutter in my home. 

I clear the clutter in my mind and gain more clarity. 

As I let go of things that remind me of an old love. 

I open myself to a new and even greater love. 

As I let go of what I no longer need. 

I make room for miracles. 

I am calm. 

I'm allowing the desire to clean my home, to flow naturally through me. 

I take the time to show gratitude for the memories each object represents. 

And then to release them to welcome a brand new, exciting chapter into my life. 

As I clean. I'm attract even more positivity to me. 

I am demonstrating love to myself. 

I do not need to own a lot of stuff. 

I enjoy living a simple life. 

I easily clear out everything I do not need 

My space is my temple. 

Today. I will keep my temple clear and free of items

that no longer serve me 

that no longer bring me joy and happiness. 

Spend some time today and pick one space, one item that you're going to go clear out... get rid of any item that doesn't bring you joy and happiness. Get rid of any item you're not using. And see how that can change your life just one day at a time, one thing at a time. You don't have to make it a big project. 

Just start today. 

Simple, huh? Know that you've got these affirmations that you can use to help yourself get in the right frame of mind... Maybe just sit down and go through the whole list. They're below so you can print them out if you'd like to have and cut and paste and use the ones you want... but I'm encouraging you to find that clutter-free life, to get rid of things that are blocking your success, blocking your ability to grow. 

Until I talk to you next time, may you move well, may you stay healthy, be happy, live every single day with passion and purpose... and get rid of all the clutter.