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Feb. 17, 2022

Appreciate The Moment

Appreciate what you have and where you are right this minute.

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Appreciate what you have and where you are right this minute. I'm standing in our Ilwaco studio on a beautiful sunrise on a Sunday morning, little bit light mist over the river, over the port. 

I asked myself where in the world would I rather be right this moment? 

Hawaii, no 

Rome, no 

Greece, no. 

I can't think of any place.

I think we get used to our familiar surroundings and don't stop and appreciate the beauty of where you are. 

Often Peggy and I will be driving down the road. Maybe, as you're heading in Astoria, the big bridge going up and over the river and looking up to the mouth of the Columbia river.

It it'll just suddenly overwhelm us with how breathtaking beautiful it is. And my favorite line is always, could you imagine if we're on vacation, we would be scamming, we would be doing everything we could to move here. 

So. I think, I just want to point out today that be happy where you're at. 

If you love to travel, that's really cool.

Looking forward to your next trip to wherever, but take the time to really, really, really appreciate where you live. I hope where you live as a place that you find beautiful. If you're in the desert. If you're in Phoenix, I hope you find that beautiful. Cause there is a beauty there. I lived there for years and there is a beauty there.

I prefer more of the coastal west coast cities from San Francisco north. And I love San Diego too. I grew up there, you know that.

That's basically the message for the day. Take the time to appreciate where you're at. Don't spend your entire life running after the next thing. 

Spend your life enjoying where you are, what you have and who you are today.

Move well. Stay healthy. Be happy. Live with passion. Find a purpose in your life and enjoy. Stop right now. Take a deep breath. Look around you and go, oh my God. I am so lucky. Talk to you later.