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Oct. 13, 2021

Are You 20-Happy?

Well are you 20-Happy? Listen and let me know!


Are you 20 Happy?

What do I mean by 20 Happy?

It's from when I had my LASIK 20 years ago.

It's crazy that it's been that long but Dr. K, who was a local eye surgeon and he had a clinic and I ended up getting lasix because of my dad.

My dad went to Dr. K, and he hit two holes in one on his little golf course the next day.

I've never had a single hole one of my life and I've hit a lot of golf balls.

But dad hit two holes in one in a single round... those golfers of you who will know that's like, unheard of.

it was two days after he got his LASIK surgery from Dr. K. So I thought you know, I'm so tired of eyeglasses, I fought with eyeglasses my whole life, I had fought with hard contact lenses, my eyes looked like they were bleeding. This was back in the days kind of before soft contacts or maybe I was using soft contacts already. But I've always had sensitive eyes that way.

I went ahead and I got Lasik eye surgery. And I found it very, very, the whole process is kind of weird because they take a laser and peel back a flap on your eyelid and zap you.

So I go through this it doesn't take long... only takes about 30 seconds per eye. It was crazy. When he was done, he said alright Dave set up... I set up and I looked at the clock, and oh my god, a tear almost came to my eye because I had been nearsighted my entire life. So to have vision and be able to see was just amazing.

But that's not the point of the story.

I'm not talking about Lasik eye surgery, I'm talking about 20-happy. This is a lesson I learned from Dr. K

I went back a week later for my follow up exam. And he asked How you doing? I said, I'm doing great. I see really well. I'm just loving this so much. He said, Great. Let's test your eyes. And I tested my eyes... I had one eye corrected for reading and one eye corrected for long distance. The reading eye was perfect. I don't remember the numbers on it. But the long distance I was 20-40.

I had heard all the hype about how you know 20-20 vision and maybe even 20-15. It turned out 20-40. I was kind of disappointed. I was sullen, like what does this mean? It's going to go south.

He said, oh, it's not going anywhere. It will probably get better, which it did over the years, it got to 2030. But that's beside the point.

He said, You know, my goal is not to give you 20-10 or 20-15 or 20-20 vision. My goal is to give you "20 Happy", to have eyesight that you can get without glasses that you're happy with.

And he said Are you happy?

And I said oh my god. Yeah.

He said then your a 20 Happy success.

I just said wow, that's really good lesson. 

So here's where I tie it in to you. 

We're called Real People fitness for a reason. 

We're not looking for six pack abs. 

We're not looking for bulging muscles. 

We're not looking for steroid muscles. 

We're looking for "20 Happy"

Can you move well? 

Can you breathe deeply? 

Do you just feel great getting up in the morning

If so you're 20 happy. And that's what we're going for. 

We don't care if you're 20-80 We don't care if you're 20-40. 

You can equate this to your weight or whatever. But the goal is for you to be 20 happy if you make that your goal. That's way easier than making a goal of squatting 1000 pounds or, or running a marathon or something like that. 

If your goal is to be 20 happy in your fitness and your health. That's achievable, that's achievable for everybody. 

That's my message today. 

Don't aim for 20-15 Don't aim for 20-20, aim for "20 happy" when it comes to your fitness and health. And I guarantee you along with that you will become 20 happy

So move well. 

That's my message for today, move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live every day with passion and thank you for joining me for another edition of on the road driving with Dave