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Oct. 24, 2021

Are you a professional excuse maker?

For many of us one of our greatest talents is excusing everything we do. How about you?


Excuses, excuses, excuses. 

I kind of think most of us have a million of them. 

It's amazing how easily we can justify what we do. 

It's amazing how easily we can justify eating food that's not good for us. 

It's amazing how easy we can justify not getting off of your butt moving. 

It's amazing how easy we justified not going outdoors and getting some vitamin D, some sunshine. 

One of the things we've noticed is that when we do group coaching everybody wants to be nice. And so in our group coaching, including us, we all have a tendency to somebody comes in and goes, Oh my god, I had a terrible day yesterday, I totally blew my eating plan. I ate two donuts and six candy bars and had three sodas. 

And everybody in the group, like I say, including us tends to say that's okay, don't worry about it. We all slip occasionally. 

I'm not sure that's the best plan. 

Now I don't know exactly what to say. Or how to say it to impress upon somebody the importance of staying on their plan once they figure out what works for them. 

I mean, it's like, I just want to say... I want to take them by the shoulders and look them in the eyes and say, you know, do you do realize you're choosing disease, you're choosing potential unhealthy life. 

To get that short term satisfaction of a soda or a doughnut or anything else that may not work for you. 

It's it's it's frustrating. It's so frustrating. And I've done it myself, my God, I can justify all kinds of things. 

And, you know, maybe I eat something that's a little bit off and I checked my blood sugar and it's okay. And I'm like, Well, I can eat that. But no, you can't. 

Because if you continue, depending on what it is, if you continue, say I eat a doughnut today, and my blood sugar is okay, (I guarantee that's not gonna happen, if I domy blood sugar will blow sky high, but I don't it today). And if my blood sugar is Okay, a couple hours afterwards, there are some foods I can eat once in a while. But if I start eating it every day, my blood sugar numbers, my morning fasting numbers will creep up and up and up. 

And so I know I'm choosing the complications of diabetes, I'm choosing disease. When I slip into a habit like that

What I want to encourage you to do is to not make excuses for yourself and to call yourself out when you make excuses. 

I've actually gotten pretty good at when I'm really craving something, I am an emotional eater. And when I'm craving something to make myself feel better, I'm really good at justifying it. 

Well, it's just this one time

I finally started to take a deep breath and ask myself the question, am I willing to pay the price? 

Am I willing to be tired and lethargic and have potential heart issues and and and breath issues? 

Is that donut worth that?

If I stop and think about it, no, it's not. 

For example one of the things Peggy and I both do is when we're purchasing something, especially a major item, we give ourselves anywhere from 24 hours up to a week to make the decision. And then if we still want that item, if we still think we need that item, then we go ahead and purchase it. 

Maybe we should all do the same thing with food. You want that doughnut? Give yourself an hour, talk to yourself, say okay, Is this donut going to be worth the potential of making myself sick. exposing myself... 

I mean, cancer feeds on sugar. If you've never heard that before, cancer does feed on sugar. And if you don't give it its main source of food, you've got a better chance now  of not having cancer.

I'm not going to come right out and say if you eliminate all sugar from your life, you'll never have cancer. I don't know the answer to that. 

But I do know there are enough studies now showing that cancer feeds on sugar. Sugar makes cancer grow faster, and allows it to to thrive in your body. So that's one reason I'm always saying don't eat sugar. And I remind myself I don't want to go the way my dad did. His was lung cancer from smoking for 40 some years... but nonetheless. 

So all this comes down to finding your compelling reasons and passionate goals to not allow those excuses to take over your life. We've talked about that before and I'm going to be doing another podcast on Compelling Reasons and Passionate Goals soon

I think it's such an important facet of what we teach people finding your compelling reasons and in creating passionate goals. 

Maybe the passionate goal is I don't want to get sick, I want to live my life healthy. I want to have energy, I want to be able to come down to the beach at 630 on a Sunday morning (which is where I'm at right now at 630 on a Sunday morning). 

That's my message. 

Stop making excuses. 

We are all pros at making excuses. 

Let's lose some of that skill. 


So until we talk next time, may you move well, stay healthy, and be happy. 

Find a passion your life including your compelling reasons and passionate goals to be strong and healthy the rest of your life. 


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