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May 4, 2022

Are You Creating Your Own Roadblocks?

Do you actually put up roadblocks to keep you from accomplishing your goals? It's entirely possible.

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Are you creating your own roadblocks? 


I can't give up sugar. 

I can't work out every day. 

My life is so busy. I can't find 15 minutes a day to feel better. 

Hmm. Okay. 

That's all interesting thoughts. I've heard every one of those multiple times and more. 

My recommendation is maybe call yourself to task a little bit... don't let yourself use excuses. 

Be resilient and strong and work through it and say, you know what? I say don't have time to work out, but you know what? Maybe today I'll give up 15 minutes of TV and do something for me that's going to make me feel better the rest of my life. 

Admitting I'm totally addicted to sugar scares me. I'm going to cut back. In fact, I'm going to give it up for a week and see how that goes and see how I feel... to see if I feel lean and healthy... to see if I can emotionally get past it. 

Because if you're saying you cannot give up sugar, that's an emotional response. I guarantee you. I'm not a psychologist. So don't, don't take this that I'm preaching to you, but it's something I've observed in the years.

It's an excuse. And I've observed it in myself. 

It's nothing but an excuse. 

You can give up sugar, you can look the other way, you can give up snacking. You can work out every day and you can find workouts that inspire you and make you feel better. You know, I'm sorry, but you know, when you make an excuse and you don't go you feel kind of sluggish.

But when you do go, even if you don't feel like it, that's when the world changes. 

That's when you get on that mat, you do your class, you do your fitness, you do your workout and you feel so much better. 

So remember that, remember that.

Don't make excuses, just do it... just do it for yourself to feel better for life.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion. Talk to you next time.