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Aug. 29, 2022

Bad Boy, Happy Boy

I'm really glad I listen to my own podcasts. It's amazing how often I take my own advice!

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Bad boy. Happy boy. 

That's me. Remember earlier in the week we talked about the what the hell factor. That's when you eat something bad and you say, what the hell I've already screwed up today... so I might as well just keep eating until I eat myself into oblivion. 

Well this weekend, I got to live that. Peggy and I wanted nachos. We wanted nachos terribly. So we had nachos. 

Now, what did I do? Did afterwards I go, oh my God, you ate way too much. You ran your blood sugar up. You're just a terrible, terrible person. 

Nope. I said that was fun. I am a happy boy. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite, we laughed, we played, we enjoyed. 

So that's my suggestion for you. When you do go off, when you do quote, blow your eating plan, unquote. 

Don't beat yourself up. Be happy. 

That's the message. Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. Talk to you next time.