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Jan. 5, 2022

Begin Tracking Your Progress

Now that you've discovered your compelling reasons and passionate goals, started moving daily, drinking and breathing it's time to set a baseline and begin tracking your goals!

The videos, assessment forms and everything you need are available in the RiversZen Member Area at this link

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You've got a great start on your fitness and health reset. 

Here we are at day three. 

You've worked for your compelling reasons and discovered your passionate goals. You know, for sure, the reasons you want to lose weight and get fit and healthy and feel great every single day. 

You've started creating a daily habit of moving. You're either doing classes with RiversZen... taking advantage of the 30 days free that we've given to anybody who is going through the fitness and health reset, or you're doing something that you've already established.

You're drinking a little bit more. You're breathing deeper. You're taking time to breathe. You're beginning to clean up your eating. You're starting to reduce processed foods and starting to reduce sugar and weaning yourself off of all that stuff. 

Well, one thing that's important is to track our progress.

We can track our progress on the scale. We can track our progress by doing measurements. We also can track our progress by what we have the ability to do. 

So we are providing you with a rack of tools. They're all in the member area of RiversZen, please take advantage of the 30 day membership.

There's no credit card required. Nothing. You go in there, you take this 30 day membership. That link will be in the show notes below, just in case you haven't done it yet. And there will also be a link to today's videos. There's a group of videos. 

There's one video on a personal assessment. We do this monthly, you can do it daily, you can do it weekly, you can do it as often as you'd like. A lot of people like weekly... peggy actually does hers weekly. 

So you've got this ability to measure your actual physical improvement. 

Think about that. Knowing for a fact that you are changing your life. 

We also have a video on posture photos, and there was a group... I think, of about eight or nine videos... that explain the different facets. The different facets of the assessments. 

You also are going to get all the forms you need on the first video, the one where Peggy explains the assessments, the minute you watch the video, you'll receive an email, giving you all the assessment forms, everything you need to track your progress.

So that's today's job. We want to start tracking our progress, go in there, download the forms and start tracking. You're going to set the baseline today of where you are in your fitness and health. You're going to track it... probably weekly through the fitness and health challenge, to know what you're doing, to know how you're progressing.

So, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. Otherwise we will talk to you tomorrow. 

We're going to start discussing what we put in our pie holes. Start discussing cleaning up our eating. That's tomorrow. 

Today let's start tracking. Keep moving, do a class, do a workout, drink, breathe. And then working on cleaning up your eating.

So till we talk next, move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live your life with passion and find a purpose.