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July 14, 2022

Being Present Can Be a Real Pain!

Being present can be such a pain.  I'm serious...

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Being present can be such a pain. 

I'm serious. 

But I'm not necessarily talking about being aware or being in the present moment. 

I'm talking about anything that can become obsessive. 

For instance this morning, I'm driving down from Ilwaco, Washington to Astoria Oregon, and it's a beautiful morning. 

But I've been working on being present recently. 

To being in the now, however you want to say it, it all sounds kind of woowooish to me. 

But however you want to say this, just being aware of the present moment and where you are. 

I was so busy thinking about being aware, being in the present moment and how wonderful that is... that I totally missed that it was a super low tide until I got to the studio and Leslie pointed out that boy, that was a low tide. 

When I realized I had driven all the way and not once paid attention to the water or the tide... things that I love and that make my drive so incredible! 

So, no matter how much good something is for you. Becoming obsessed over it can really be a pain. 

It can have negative effects. So what you need to do is be present, be aware. Now you'd have to think of the future, you have to think of the past a little bit. But the more you are aware of... the more you're in the present moment the better, you're going to feel. 

I truly believe that. 

So if you're an obsessive personality like me, who dwell on things and work and work them in your mind, see, if you can quiet that mind from time to time and just enjoy the moment. 

So for today. Do that. 

If you're driving anywhere, just try to be present. Try to be aware, try to let the monkey mind go. Don't dwell on anything other than the beautiful drive you're taking. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live every single day with passion. 

Talk to you soon. Like tomorrow