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Jan. 1, 2023

One of My Greatest Life Lessons

One of My Greatest Life Lessons

One of my greatest life lessons I learned from watching my mother.   Hard work doesn’t make you healthy.  She was a great woman, an amazing cook and baker, the greenest of thumbs; but, the years were not good to her.   The photos below demonstrate the results of a very difficult 20 years for her.  From 70 to 90 . . . I’m working to make sure that is not my fate . . . how about you??? 

As you can see, a lot happened to my mother in those twenty years.  She passed away within the year after the photo in the Iris fields.  That day outside of Salem was one of her favorites.  But she did not have the strength to fully enjoy the opportunity.  Her feet were compromised and as you can see from the photo she was no longer able to stand fully upright.  My goal is to not repeat my mother’s fate.  My mother believed in hard work but could not understand any type of exercise.  She believed in mowing the lawn and tending the garden.  She couldn’t understand walking without a lawn mower.  Each of us has physical and genetic characteristics we are given which we may not be able to alter.  But, we can certainly work to be the best we can be with the body we are given. 

So keep that in mind when you are selecting the classes you wish to attend.  Whether you are pondering traditional yoga classes, BAM (Balance Alignment and Motion), Gentle Core, Butt and Gut, or any of the resistance stretching classes, the class is all about you and it’s your sole responsibility during that session to concentrate on you and your needs.  Each instruction is presented with the intention of bringing strength and stability back to your body.  As you listen to each instructor describe the various poses, you will learn modifications that may be right for your body today.

Give yourself permission to try different classes . . . but modify to what works for your body today.  Keep challenging yourself . . . but those challenges can be baby steps.  It’s never too late to try to make a change . . . to bring flexibility and strength back to your body.  Ask any of our trainers/instructors for help.  Our #1 goal is to help you to become a better you!  Ask yourself what you want your 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond to look like.  It is certainly not like the photo on the right.  Every trainer/instructor here has a story they would be very happy to share . . . there is a reason they are all at RiversZen . . . and they are here to help you move well, stay healthy and be happy.