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Jan. 1, 2023

Trigger Point Accupressure for Calf and Foot Pain Relief

Trigger Point Accupressure for Calf and Foot Pain Relief

Calves full of knots? No problem here is a sweet trigger point exercise to fix that!


Trigger Point for Calves

Why don't we talk a little bit about today and we just Peggy's class and we get a little bit of a mess here, but what I wanted to talk to you about today was your calves. 

You know, there's wonderful creatures right here.

We all carry a ton of tension. A lot of tightness, a lot of knots. One of the guys I work with, he's a physical therapist. He was with one of the Texas NBA teams last year, working with them on basically stretching their legs and especially their calves. He feels that the calves are like the second heart because they also often get all blocked up and the blood can't flow.

A lot of times, if you're somebody that's neuropathy in your feet, has a little bit of tingling, has a little bit of trouble feeling in your feet, getting the blood flowing to the feet is critical. You know, I I'm a diabetic. I was diagnosed in 2007 and I already had neuropathy. I didn't really know what was going on, but I had neuropathy.

So over the last, however long that's been now is that about 14 years, I have actually made my feet better. I mean, at one point they were numb all the way up to the, to the ankle. And now the numbness has just kind of isolated in the, in the ball of the. Which is a major improvement. And I'm so glad that my doctor told me there was nothing I can do to continue getting worse.

Well, I'm not the only one that proved him wrong. Lots of people we've worked with. Lots of people I know have actually got feeling back in their feet. Not a hundred percent. I can't tell you it be a hundred percent, but I can tell you my neuropathy didn't continue spreading, but of course I got my blood sugar in control also.

And that, that could be a dietary thing also . That's for another video, another training this one today, I want to give you one little tip to help get the blood flowing all the way down to your feet. As I was saying, trigger points, knots, there's these little points of pain, like I've got one right there and there will points of pain.

You find I've got a really great way to blow those up. We want to stretch our calves. We also want to trigger point our calves. So hopefully I don't have any way to see this picture. So I'm hoping you can kind of understand that. The knee is up. Foot is bent. You go down on your back and you take your other leg and you're going to put right below the knee, the calf, right on top of the other knee.

Now this first technique. And what he uses is called shearing and shearing is just what you think is shearing down. What I'm going to do is slowly go down and I'm looking for spots. You know, I can tell you, as I've been doing this, I'm hitting some of these spots and I can feel my toes tingle. 

Give it a try, go down on your back. If you can do that right now, if not try it later. Try shearing very easily. You're letting the weight of the leg, push the calf down onto the knee. 

Now when you find a spot, start right below the knee. You scroll on down, you find your first spot points right there. 

Now you can do a couple of different things.

You can rotate the leg a little bit. You could flex the foot and what we're doing. I'm working on that. knot massaging it out . This is a very deep massage technique. If you need to back off, you just lighten the pressure. You want to go deeper, go deeper. So you work all the way down your calf. This is a great thing to do while you're watching TV, while you're chilling, and you just go right on down... maybe your rotate the foot and a little bit, rotate the foot out.

You're going to find all the knots on your calves. You're going to blow them up. 

This is a great technique for bringing blood flow back into the. feet, combine that with stretching with some great resistance stretching and your feet are going to be a lot happier. 

We've got lots of other great techniques for the feet, but that's one of my favorites, a couple of people have mentioned neuropathy in the last couple of weeks.

And so that's it. Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live your life with passion. And I will be talking to y'all very soon. Have an amazing day.