Dec. 23, 2021

Breathe Your Way To Calm

Breathe Your Way To Calm

If you could develop the habit of stopping for one-minute multiple times throughout your day you would greatly minimize your stress level ...


Breathe your way to Calm . . . my wish for you!

Kim shared the concept of Stressmas the other day. That stress that comes this time of year when we are trying to get ready for one of the biggest holidays of the year. I am not going to tell you that you shouldn’t be stressing.  It is probably too late for that. I am not going to go into to detail as to why any of this is true. Just take my word for it and give it a try. I am only going to share a few truths and hope that some of what I share stays with you and lasts into the New Year.

Stress happens to us all. It comes as a result of a medical condition. It comes from worrying and rushing as one tries to get too much done in too short a period of time. It can be business or personal stress. Maybe you are trying to get all your year-end business commitments completed.  Maybe the mere thought of shopping for the right gift, dealing with family and friends that might be a tad judgmental, or the travel required to connect with our family and friends can send you into a tailspin of stress. Maybe it is all of the above. The reasons for our stress are unlimited.

In the midst of all the above, please take just a few moments to stop and breathe occasionally. If you could develop the habit of stopping for one-minute multiple times throughout your day you would greatly minimize your stress level. In those moments, your concentration is on your breath. In and out of your nose. Down to your belly. Encouraging your exhales to be longer than your inhales. It is as simple as that . . . but apparently so difficult for us to accomplish with any level of regularity. This simple moment will help to switch your body from flight or fight to calm. Do you want to live in flight or fight mode? I think not. 

Try this for just one moment. Stop doing whatever you are doing . . . assuming it is safe to do so. Whether you are standing or sitting or lying on your back, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds and slowly release it. Can you honestly tell me you don’t feel better? Now a few more repetitions of the same. You will be refreshed and in a better place to continue on with a fresh new perspective. Kind of an opportunity to clean off your Etch a Sketch (which I was excited to realize still exist) so to speak. As you begin to develop an actual breathing practice you will realize more wonderful things. The more often you take the time in your day to breathe in this fashion you will find it easier to do so on a regular basis. Your blood pressure will come down, you will develop an overall feeling of calm, your digestion will be more efficient, you may start to feel more healthy, your immune system will be stronger, you will get more done with ease, your memory may become clearer and sharper and the things that are normally on your list of stressors may not be an issue any longer.  

So, with that said, I shall leave wishing you and yours a very happy holiday. Move well, Stay healthy, Be Happy, Live your life with passion and breathe!