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July 29, 2022

Change Is On Your Side

The fact that nothing is permanent and that things always change... well, that can feel a bit scary...

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is famously quoted saying "change is the only constant in life." 

The fact that nothing is permanent and that things always change... well, that can feel a bit scary.

The constant of change brings unknowns and uncertainty and that isn't always comfortable and it isn't always easy to experience. 

But along with the discomfort there's also some really positive, comforting parts of change that we can sometimes forget about. 

Change means that whatever we are facing or experiencing will not last forever. It will all pass. No matter how difficult it is in this moment. 

So when you're overwhelmed by fear, pain anxiety or stress, we can find peace and comfort trusting that it's not here to stay forever. The easy and the harm. The joy and the pain. They are ever-changing, ever flowing experiences, that will come and go, ebb and flow. 

So today let's open ourselves up to seeing change as not only a scary thing... but a good thing too. 

Nothing stays the same forever. 

So even in the hardest of times, the strongest of emotions, and the most challenging of circumstances... they too shall pass. 

What's one thing you've been feeling stuck in lately.... that you've been holding onto as if it is here to stay forever? How might you be able to be present with what is in this moment? 

A difficult feeling, a sticky thought, an uncomfortable sensation? 

Find comfort in remembering that nothing is permanent. That change is inevitable. And that this too shall pass. 

Until we talk tomorrow, may you move well, stay healthy, be happy and live a life filled with passion and purpose.