Oct. 31, 2022



What is the celebration? Listen and find out!


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Congratulations. You have been blessed with another day. If you're listening to this, you got up this morning, you're alive. Look out the window. It's glorious, it's sunny, it's warm, it's cold. It's raining sideways. 

Does it matter? Because you have received the gift of yet another day.

What are you going to do with that day?

How are you going to enrich yourself today? 

How are you going to thrive today? 

Do things that enrich your soul, that enrich your body. Accept that gift of another day and invest yourself in that day. 

Pay attention to every second of the day. Make sure you're doing things that enrich your soul. 

I'm serious. It's so easy to just kind of go through life...

God, I don't remember the author, but he had this term living lives of quiet desperation. 

I look around and I see that so many people are living those lives of quiet desperation. 

How about you and I not do that? How about if we flip the script around and we live lives of joy and abundance? It can be done.

It can be done. It's funny how much of this is all just mindset... accepting, hiding behind a sadness or depression, maybe embracing it, maybe letting it seep into your soul, or turning that around with that joy. . 

Joy, Joy, joy. Joy is a word that just feels good. I want to be in joy and I want the same for you.

So how will you treat your gift today? 

Your gift of one more day. 

Will you live it in quiet desperation or will you find abundant joy? 

I choose Joy. How about you? 

Say it out loud right now. Which one do you want? You can either say out loud, I choose to live a life of quiet desperation, or I choose joy... 

Give it a try. Check it out. 

Move well. Stay healthy, be happy. Live every day with passion. I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow.