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Feb. 3, 2022


Feeling a little funky? Here's an easy tip to defunkitize quickly!


I'm going to call this coming out of a funk. 

We have been pushing really hard for a few weeks here, getting ready for a new project we're going to want to release February 1st. 

So I kind of hit a point of overwhelm yesterday where I just melted down and just didn't want to do any of it. And... and was in really a funky space.

I got up this morning stolen that same funky space, but I have an obligation. I run a class at 8:00 AM Monday through Saturday, and I probably, would've not done it if I wasn't leading it. But nonetheless, I loaded up, I drove in and I did the class, afterwards I realized that was exactly what I needed to defunkitize myself.

So I got out of my funk. I feel great. Now I'm recording this right after the class. Of course, I've driven out to Cape disappointment, which is three, four miles from our studio. I'm sitting in this gorgeous spot and I'm the only person here and there's big waves. Well, they're not big waves, there's little waves on the shore and the sunlight gleaming off the water.

I just feel great. I feel great. 

So my advice today is to do a class, even when you don't feel like doing your fitness class, your yoga like class, do it because that 45 minutes, hour, 20 minutes, whatever you do... it gets your body moving. It gets rid of all the kinks and all the different little sticking points in your body, the blood flows, and when the blood flows, your brain ignites and the brain goes, what are you so depressed about, dude?

Clean it up, clean it up and I did, and I feel great. I just want to share that with you because it's powerful. It's powerful that even when you do not feel like doing a class, do it anyways, because at the end, you'll go yummy.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. Find a purpose and enjoy your day.

Talk to you tomorrow.