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Dec. 9, 2021

Diabetes Can Be Reversed With Diet

How do I know this? Because I got off of ALL of my medications and totally reversed by Type 2 Diabetes and I know you can too!




Diabetes Can Be Reversed With Diet

As many of, you know, I am a type two diabetic

I discovered early on that I did not want to take diabetes medications because they had some terrible effects on me. I had some huge crashes and some big highs and unfortunately, diabetes medication does not regulate your blood sugar to normal levels. It causes spikes. It allows spikes and then allows crashes on the other end to come up with an average of blood sugar that looks acceptable.

It's really not... any time your blood sugar goes over 140, you are having potential complications from diabetes. All the things that can happen, the neuropathy in your feet and your extremities, your eyesight, your heart conditions. All these things that diabetes can lead to just going over 140. Once during a day can increase those complications. is a website that I follow regularly. It's a group of doctors who decided they would rather prevent disease than fix it, staying off of my operating table type of mentality. They have this great little thing on diabetes. And I thought I would actually read it to you today because it's about what to eat eat if you have diabetes.

So here we go from diet "What should you eat if you have diabetes? If you're confused because you've heard of a lot of conflicting information, you're not alone. Fortunately, that answer is very simple. Eat foods that don't raise blood sugar very much. Such as here it comes, ba da bumb, low carbohydrate foods.

How about that? Low carb diet. Hmm. Where have I heard that before? So going on, all the low carb diets were routinely prescribed for people with diabetes more than 100 years ago, often with excellent results, recommendations to eat more carbs became the standard. 

Once insulin and diabetes medications were available... now I'm going to go off script a little bit here and just talk about that a little bit. The pharmaceutical industry, the medicine companies, they are profit companies and I'm really afraid... And God, I hate to say this because it's just so hard to believe. I think they want to keep you sick. I honest to God do.

I'm sorry if that upsets anybody, but man, you think about it. 

I'm not going to get into the current things going on in our country, but it scares the death out of me. 'because I know I'm a type two diabetic. I've worked with other type two diabetics, and diabetes can be reversed through diet.

Well, what good does that them? If they can get you on this rollercoaster where you're up and down and dependent on their medications, they tell you to eat whatever you want. They're going to get a lot of people and they're going to have a lot of lifelong customers. So let's go on. 

Although diabetes medications can temporarily slow blood sugar rise. They cannot reverse the underlying problem. Going back to the time honored approach of eating low carb foods can help control sugar in both type one diabetes and can actually reverse type two diabetes, reducing the need for medications.

So if you are a diabetic, type one or type two, I highly encourage you to give a low carb lifestyle, a try, get rid of sugar, get rid of processed foods and eat healthy.

To me that's healthy . I know a vegan would go oh God meats terrible. No meat is not terrible. You can get all the nutrients, everything you need directly from beef.

I'm not going to get into that today. But what I want to do is encourage you. If you are a diabetic, you are not sentenced to a life of high blood sugar. You're not sentenced to life of medication. You're not sentenced to neuropathy and to heart disease and to eye disease, you can turn that around with a simple diet.

Doesn't that sound exciting to you? 

Will you give up the Christmas crap, the cookies and the pastries and all that stuff to not be sick, to not take medication, to get off of all of it. 

My God think about it. If that's not inspirational, if that's not motivational, I don't know what is, because if you're happy with just a life of disease I feel for you.

So please, please, please. From the bottom of my heart, cut out those carbs, cut out the crap and live the healthiest life you possibly can. 

Our goal for you is to move well, to stay healthy, to be happy and to do it all with passion, because life is good.