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Jan. 3, 2022

Discover Your Passionate Goals and Compelling Reasons

Welcome to day one of your Fitness and Health Reset. Today let's dig deep and figure out exactly why we want to reset our Fitness and Health

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Welcome to day one of your fitness and health reset. All right, let's get going.

First. Did you listen to the seven keys from the preparation video that we put up yesterday? If not take a few minutes right now and listen, that is so critical, it is so key to what we're doing.

Then watch for Kim's podcast, which will be coming up later today, detailing your journal and your first day journal prompts.

Today we're going to start with the very first key to unlock your long, fit, healthy, happy, and energetic life. That's discovering your compelling reasons. 

I will give you that audio in just a couple minutes, but first let's talk about your other assignments.

Today we're going to do movement. So either participate in a live class at RiversZen or pick from one of the on-demand classes.

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That's it let's get going. Here is the training for discovering your compelling reasons.

Today is find your passionate goals and your compelling reasons, this key to thriving, any ages, is as basic as it can possibly be.

It's all about dynamic goal setting. Goal setting isn't very sexy is it? Maybe not, but if you want to achieve your goals, the very first thing you need to do is to identify exactly what you want, exactly why you want it, and what will you do to achieve it? 

Hope that makes sense to you. We personally do not know anyone who achieved their dreams, who didn't first dig deep and discover exactly what those dreams were. That's important. And the compelling reasons that they wanted to accomplish those goals. 

I'll tell you for years, Peggy and I were not moving forward. Then we discovered our big why. And we're going to share that with you today and exactly how it worked for us. The following simple and easy goal-setting technique plus tomorrow's lesson totally changed our lives. 

Once we dug down deep, found our passionate goals and identified the compelling reasons to achieve those goals we started to realize our dreams of fitness, health, and even financial freedom. 

You're the kind of person, who I know, you're looking to improve yourself, you wouldn't be here if you weren't.

I'm sure that over the years, you've heard about all kinds of different styles, techniques, and methods of goal setting. You've probably listened to gurus like Tony Robbins and many, many others. So you've got the basic idea of what we're talking about. There's tons of long and complicated programs out there regarding goal setting, but remember we're about simple, easy, and effective.

So let's jump right in and go to work so you can start realizing your goals today. 

The first part is to sit down and brainstorm and discover what you truly want. Just make a list, just go for it. Go ahead. Put me on hold. Get out a piece of paper and pencil or open up a text page on your computer. I personally like paper and pencil, but either way. 

Then once you're ready to go make a list off the top of your head of everything you want.

Don't question it, write everything down. Even if it seems strange, just write it. 

Okay. Go do it. 

Doot. doot, doot, doot, doo, doot doo.. Okay. The jeopardy theme song is not going to play the whole time. I want you to put me on hold. So put me on hold and go get her done.

Got your list? Good. How about that? I'm still here like I promised. Now you can trust me going forward and put the audio on hold when I ask you to.

Now take a look at that list. 

For every single item ask yourself the following question. Do I really want that? 

Please take a moment and seriously, consider that question.

When you ask yourself that question. If the answer is no, or I don't know, let's cross it off and get rid of it for now. You can always add it back. 

So once again, put me on hold and go evaluate your list, refine your list, get rid of the things that aren't important to you.

Good, welcome back. 

You've got your refined list of things, you know you really want.

Excellent. Let's dig a little deeper now. This is where the real power comes in. This is finding the compelling reasons. 

So go to each goal, vision what your life will be like, once you achieve that goal.

How will you feel once you've achieved it?

How will your life be different and better? 

See, now we're getting to the passion level. 

It's not about weight loss. It's about living a long and healthy life because you know your current weight won't support that long and healthy life. 

Go even deeper. Don't stop there. 

Ask yourself why do you want a long and healthy life?

Do you want to dance at your granddaughter's wedding? Do you want to travel? That sport used to play that you absolutely love... do you want to compete in that sport again? Or maybe it's something entirely different and totally personal to you. 

Now, imagine yourself participating in that event or doing that activity.

Take a deep breath. As you do feel the joy. 

Feel the accomplishment, feel the success. 

Now you're getting to the passion level. It's passion that will push away that piece of cake. It's passion that we'll get you out the door for your daily walk or jog or it's that passion that will do any of the myriad of other things that are stepping stones to achieving your goals.

Do you see the power here?

Do this for each one of your goals. Once again, put me on hold. 

Go do them. I'll talk to you when you return. There's no rush. Take your time.

Got your goals and passionate reasons that you want to achieve them. Good. 

Then tomorrow we'll take the next step and create your future diary.

Personally, I struggled for years and it wasn't until I actually created my future diary and wrote everything down in the present tense that I started to experience those little miracles in my life and quite frankly, some pretty big miracles too. 

So tomorrow grab your written goals and we'll learn all about the success I created in my life and how you can also realize your dreams, but creating your very own future diary.

See you tomorrow. Move well, stay healthy, be happy and live with passion. See, this is what I'm talking. Live every day with passion. We'll talk to you tomorrow.