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Dec. 29, 2021

Do You Have Kuchisabishii?

Do You Have Kuchisabishii (Koo-chi-sa-bi-she)? An important question that you need to answer!


Hey, Peggy. 

Do you have kuchisabishii (Koo-chi-sa-bi-shÄ“)? 

Do you have kuchisabishii? 


Okay, good. I knew you did because kuchisabishii is when you're not hungry, but you eat because your mouth is lonely. 

Did you know that? Now isn't it interesting, so many of us have an emotional eating... we just want to eat even when we're not hungry.

It's interesting that the ancient cultures like Japan actually have a word for it. Kuchisabishii . 

So next time you're reaching for that treat, even though you're not really hungry just stop and say, oh, my gosh. I've got kuchisabishii again. Hey mouth. You're not lonely. I'm here with you. We're all together. Now. I don't recommend sucking out a pencil or chewing a rubber band or the things I did as a child.

Yeah. But, uh, but you know, you can find other things, go get a drink of water. Go clean a drawer. Do anything. 

Walk the puppies! 

Yeah because you do not really have kuchisabishii. You just think you do. 

And with that move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion, talk to you later