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April 23, 2022

Do You Need a Swift Kick In the Butt?

Are you one of those people that need a swift kick in the butt to make things happen? 

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Are you one of those people that need a swift kick in the butt to make things happen? 

Do you sit around justifying what you do and coming up with excuses and maybe even thinking, oh, I'll never have any problems with this, that or the other thing? 

Well, hopefully this short podcast will be the swift kick in the butt you need to make life choices that are going to make you strong, healthy, vibrant, and live a long, long, long, healthy life. 

I think of my partner, Dick. It's funny, I mentioned in class yesterday that Dick had this habit ... the man loved food. If he told you anywhere in the Western United States, at a particular restaurant, had a benchmark dish, you could count that that dish was going to be unfrickin believable.

Well, Dick loved to eat so much and he knew he really needed to watch his weight. He was obese. He was maybe, I don't know, 50, a hundred pounds overweight. But the bigger than life guy, just one of the most amazing people you would ever meet. One of the most generous men I would ever meet. 

I remember one day we're taking a walk. We did walk every day. We walked three to five miles every day and sometimes multiple times, Dick looks at me and he goes, you know what, Dave? And we're walking down the main street and he says, you know, I'm thinking about getting ready to maybe start getting ready to start thinking about going on a diet.

I stopped. I looked at him and I said, Dick, what in the world are you talking about? That is the most wishy-washy... if we handled our business that way we'd be broke. 

Well, unfortunately for Dick, it did come up to bite him in the ass to -kick him in the ass. He ended up in a diabetic coma and was rushed to the hospital.

He was fortunate that he found a program that he got into that helped him get his mind wrapped around eating a little healthier.

Myself in 2007, I pretty well ate whatever I wanted. I was in good shape. I worked out, was not really overweight, but in 2007, because of my eating choices, because of my love of ice cream I think... I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Well, that was my kick in the ass. Man I did research. I got on a low carb eating plan. And I reversed my diabetes without the effects, the negative effects, the side effects of prescription medication. I learned that the hard way I started taking some of these pills and I swear to God, the side effects were worse when I was going through with my diabetes.

Now diabetes has some longterm complications, so don't take me wrong there. I do understand. But that was my kick in the ass. And here we are, what is it? 15 years later. And I'm still healthy and strong. And most of the time I eat really well because it's important to me to be healthy. 

Another friend who just wouldn't listen, wouldn't listen to all the warning signs in their life. They had a heart attack and they died. That's a kick in the ass!

What I'm hoping is these three quick little stories... and they could be much longer, but there's no needs. You get the idea. See, my vision with this podcast is to deliver your short, actionable, inspirational talks that are going to help you change your life.

Maybe this could be your kick in the ass and you go, you know what? I don't want to be one of those three stories. I don't want to have a heart attack. I don't want to get diabetes. I don't want to be in a coma. I don't want a stroke. 

There are so many simple, easy, natural things you can do to keep yourself healthy.

So please take this as you're kick the ass, turn away from those foods that you know are bad for you and start living the life that's going to deliver you abundant health. 

Move... move every day, breathe every day. Hydrate. Get plenty of water. Maybe add some electrolytes to your water to help your body process that water better.

That's it. Move well. Stay healthy. Be happy. Live a life of passion. And please take this as your kick the butt and turn your health around and ensure longevity. Talk to you later.