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Dec. 7, 2021

Do You Need To Workout Every Day?

One of our Most Frequently Asked Questions. Our answer might just surprise you!


Do you have to work out every single day? 

This one would fall into our frequently asked questions category because people often ask us that. They say we want to be strong and healthy in our late sixties and seventies and beyond like you guys. How do you do it? Do you work out every day? 

The answer is no, we don't do a full workout every day.

We don't do a class necessarily every day and our workouts are our classes. Our classes are built for strength and flexibility and you don't need anything else . And we've proved that because that's basically what we've done for the past 15 years. 

No, you don't have to work out every day, what you do after do you have to move every day.

You've got to get up off the couch. You've got to get out of your chair. You got to get out of your car ,away from your desk and you gotta move. 

You don't have to move all day long, but you gotta move. As they say, motion is lotion. 

I think Dick van Dyke put it very well. When he wrote his book when he was 89 years old, he's in his mid nineties now, but his basic philosophy on life is you got to keep moving.

I think that's the best recommendation. The best advice we could get. You gotta move. You gotta dance. You gotta love, you gotta walk. You gotta do something every day to move, to get your body in motion. Keeping in motion will keep you from disease. And that's what we're all about. 

We don't want to be in disease.

We want to be in ease. 

That's why we're always talking ease. 

That's it for today. That's my message. Short, sweet, simple, and effective. 

So move every day. 

And with that you'll move well, stay healthy, be happy and live your life with passion