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Oct. 31, 2021

Do You REALLY Want To Be Fit and Healthy?

That's the important question. Listen to this short message and decide for yourself.


Do you really want to be fit and healthy? Or down deep do you really not care? 

Here's an interesting question. 

Often in our life, we think we want something but do we really want it? 

A perfect example is maybe you're lusting after something, a TV set a new stereo system, a new car. Does it really provide what you're looking for? 

Once you get it often the answer is no. 

It might be enjoyable might be comfortable. But does it really take care of those psychological issues? 

Whatever is driving you to become obsessed with obtaining that particular item. 

Probably not. 

So does health and fitness fall into that same category? 

Could you actually pursue health and fitness and be disappointed once you get it? 

That's a question only you can answer for yourself. 

But I have a feeling. 

I have a feeling that if you discover what it's like to be trim, fit, healthy, and and full of energy, that's going to be something that's worth it. 

So might I suggest, rather than obsessing over the next physical possession? How about obsessing over a lifelong health and fitness? 

That's a short podcast today. But that's something to really think about. 

Do you really want health and fitness? 

Can you replace whatever current obsession you've got with the next new thing with an obsession for becoming fit and healthy? 

That's my that's my message. 

That's my desire for you is that you become obsessed with becoming fit, healthy and happy. 

So until we talk again, move well stay healthy. Be abundantly happy live with passion. 

Talk to you next time.

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