Nov. 15, 2022

Early Mornings Are a Gift

Early Mornings Are a Gift

This might be considered a challenge for some of you and a reminder for the rest of us!


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Early mornings are my gift. I am so filled with gratitude. I'm out on a morning drive right now and I am blessed to live on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Northwest. It's just before sunrise and I'm driving around the shores of Willapa Bay and there's this mist that's hanging over the over the fields.

The clouds are just starting to light up, and I'm overtaken by the breathtaking beauty of all of this. 

I find this so peaceful. I find this so calming. I find this so centering. 

I'm gonna make a suggestion to you, even if you're a late night person. Once in a while, get up before the sun comes up, get in your car and go for a drive.

Look at the world around you. Get out away from the city. If you're somewhere like Phoenix or Los Angeles or New York City or something, can you get outta the city? Can you drive around and look at the beauty that's out there, and let that beauty inspire you? It inspires me. It brings so much gratitude into my life that I'm overwhelmed.

This peace, this gratitude, this joy, this happiness, all the kerfuffle goes away. You can have it all later if you wanna pick it up on your way back. But get out, drive around. Be grateful for the early mornings. To me, there is no more amazing time than early mornings. 

There's another time I like also, but that's another story... that 2, 3 AM when the stars are out and it's so peaceful and quiet.

But this one's about early mornings, so get up, get out, get in nature and discover all the healing properties of an early morning walk or drive. 

May you move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live every day with passion and purpose. Talk to you tomorrow.