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Sept. 13, 2022

Easy Days, Mellow Nights, Magic Moments

Our goal to move well, stay healthy and be happy. Why? To experience easy days, mellow nights and tons of magic moments!

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Easy Days, Mellow Nights, Magic Moments

I keep thinking about yesterday's podcast... it was one of those podcasts done at the very last moment. I don't even know where the inspiration hit me. I was just sitting, being reflective and thought of this wine that we used to sell the retail outlet that I worked at in the seventies. 

I thought about the name of the wine. It was TJ Swan.... was the manufacturer. And the three wines we carried were called Easy Days, Mellow Nights and Magic Moments. 

I've been sitting, thinking about this. I'm realizing that's the bottom line of what we all want. Isn't it? 

Now RiversZen are our tagline... our goal is to move well, stay healthy and be happy. But why do we want to do that?

We talk and goal setting about digging down to the bottom. The bottom line and not just doing the peripherals.

I think move well, stay healthy, be happy is a great goal. But why do we want to move well, stay healthy and be happy? 

Well, because we want easy days, mellow nights and magic moments. 

I mean heavens to Betsy, this, this wine manufacturer in the seventies, the marketing people, whoever named these wines hit it right on the money. I've got to look up what the fourth one was. I don't quite remember it. 

But that's what I'm looking for. I want easy days. I want to move through my days with ease. I want to feel great. I want to not be sore. I want to move from one thing to the next enjoying every moment.

Mellow nights? Who doesn't want mellow nights? Oh my God. Take a deep breath. Kick back. Enjoy your evening. 

And what we all live for... those special magic moments. 

So I'm going to use that a lot more. Hopefully you don't think of a wine every time I say it, because I think it's much deeper than that. So I'm going to co-op TJ Swan a little bit 

So for today. May you have an extremely easy day, a super mellow night and throughout the course of your day and evening may you find magic moments that will inspire and give you great memories for the rest of your life.