Nov. 30, 2021

Eat Tons of Calories and Still Hungry? Here Is Why

Eat Tons of Calories and Still Hungry? Here Is Why

Can't figure out why you're still hungry even if you've eaten a thousand, two thousand, three thousand calories, it's because...


Have you ever found that you've eaten tons of calories, but you're just not full?

Why do you think that would be? 

Well, unfortunately in the early part of last century, we got a new brand of scientists called food scientists. Now you would think these food scientists would be looking to help you to eat healthier foods, to find healthier foods. But no, their job is to make foods that leave you hungry and wanting more.

Why? Because they work for the food industry and what's the food industry's number one goal? It's not to make food healthy. It's not to make you healthy. It's to make a profit for their company and their investors. Well, these food scientists, they work really hard to develop foods that are nutritionally deficient that don't have any nutrients in them.

You ever looked at a package of potato chips and see what nutrition's in there?

Zip, zilch, nada, none. 

Remember the lay's commercial, potato chips bet that you can't eat just one? That was not a speculation. That was a brag basically. 

They had created a product that had the right ingredients, the right amount of salt, the right amount of crunch, the right amount of flavor to make it so addictive that eating one was virtually impossible.

Have you ever noticed, when you look at a package of potato chips, a big bag of potato chips, like nine chips, there'll be around 180 calories, and that's a lot of calories for nine chips because if you eat that whole bag, Chances are it's a thousand... eleven hundred calories. I've looked before and I was shocked when I realized that.

Well, if you're like me, you've probably eaten an entire bag of potato chips at one setting.

And yet you're still hungry. If they're good, another bag of potato chips, you possibly might've opened that and kept going. 

Why is that? Why is the reason that that insidious plan works so well? 

Well, believe it or not, your body doesn't know calories. It doesn't count calories. It doesn't look for calories. Your body looks for nutrition.

So the hunger triggers come from the body saying you're hungry because you don't have enough nutrition. You need more nutrition to keep me healthy and moving well. 

So if you're eating foods that are designed to be nutrition free designed to keep you eating more. Guess what your body keeps saying, you're hungry.

You could eat two, three, 4,000 calories and it wouldn't matter. The body would still say you're hungry. 

You will notice if you eat nutrient dense foods, the meats, the whole natural foods, even the vegetables that are whole and natural, not processed, not refined, not genetically modified. 

You eat those foods you're full. That's one of the things I've found the most fascinating since I became a carnivore. I eat, I never want seconds and I always wanted seconds. I don't want seconds because I'm full. I am legitimately full after a reasonable amount of food. 

So that's what today's podcast is about. It's about why your body sends you hunger signals.

Even if you've eaten a thousand, two thousand, three thousand calories, it's because you're not getting any nutrition.

Recommendation, eat whole dense, heavy nutritional laden foods, and see how your life changes. 

Move well. 

Stay healthy. 

Be happy. 

Live with passion.. 

Talk to you soon.