Oct. 27, 2022

Episode 500 with Gratitude

Episode 500 with Gratitude

Hard to believe it but this is our 500th Episode of the RealPeople.Fit Podcast. We are so darn grateful!

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Episode number 500 of the Real People Fit Podcast. 

Milestones are always interesting, but this one especially touches me because the number of people who have gotten ahold of us to let us know how much this podcast means to them, how it's helped them to move better and feel better, and to stay healthy, and how they've been able to take the daily inspirations to change their lives, to make their lives better. 

That's what it's all about, 100%. It's about helping you to move and feel better and to stay healthy. 

I wanna express Kim's Peggy and my gratitude... our undying gratitude to you for supporting the podcast. And that's all I'm gonna say today is just thank you so much. We appreciate you, we love you and I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor. Isn't that terrible? I tell you, gratitude... 

The favor is simply to rate and subscribe the podcast, wherever you're listening to it, and to share it with a friend, so we can spread this word, we can spread this word of healing to more and more people.

That's it. Have an amazing day. Thank you for supporting us and looking forward to the next 500.