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Feb. 19, 2022

Fat Shaming?

There's a new trend to accuse anyone who promotes a healthy body and lifestyle as a fat shamer. Here is my take on that...

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Fat and health shaming. I don't believe either one of those is something we need to do, but I'm really getting concerned. 

On a major station the other day, I was listening to a news report and they were talking about people that suggest you lose weight and suggest that you aren't the healthiest, are actually haters.

That seems to be a new trend. I did some research and found there's a lot of reports of along those lines. 

So let me clue you in. I will never stop talking about people's fitness and health, because it is so critical. I'm not going to fat shame you. I think everybody should love their bodies should love themselves, in fact you should love yourself enough that you're going to lose that weight to make sure your healthy. 

I don't understand this whole theory of gosh, even if it makes you unhealthy, if you tell somebody they need to lose weight or you tell somebody they need to improve their health, that you're shaming them.

It's just not true. 

I love people whether they're fat or skinny or black, white, green, brown, purple, yellow hair. I don't care. I don't care. 

People. I judge people on their character. I don't judge them on their health. We all struggle with food addictions, and God knows what, but please don't consider somebody talking about health, fitness to be shaming you because I am not, I am not. I don't think anybody is. 

So what you need to do, you need to realize. Here's an example, the coronavirus, I hardly ever talk about it, COVID, but it's come out recently as we're seeing more and more data that most of the deaths had multiple co-morbidities. 

Do you know what the number one comorbidity was? Obesity.

So if you're obese and I'm talking about losing weight, I'm not shaming you. I care about you. I love you. I want you to get better and to feel amazing and to not put yourself at that kind of risk. 

So that's my little... oh, I wouldn't call it a rant, but that's my observation. There we go. How about an observation?

That's my daily observation. Lose some weight. Get healthy. If you need to lose weight, get healthy. Be happy. It's so simple and don't feel like anybody's shaming you. We're with you all the way. We, most of us have been there and it's time for you to move better, stay healthy and be happy for life. Talk to you soon.