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Sept. 19, 2022

Feeling Overwhelmed?

“You’re Doing Too Much - Do Less!” If you're tired of hearing this advice, here’s a fresh take to try instead...

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“You’re Doing Too Much - Do Less!”

If you're tired of hearing this advice, here’s a fresh take to try instead.

To say that life can be overwhelming sometimes is an understatement. 

Overwhelm is a word I hear people reference often.

So much of the time, we are just told to do less… 

But when someone tells you to take things off of your plate, and “just do less,” that can be frustrating, don't you think?

But what if we could rethink overwhelm? 

What if it wasn’t the actual things on our plate, or how many of them there were, that were the problem? 

What if the key to turning overwhelm on its head was to shift our mindset around it?

Leo Babauta, creator of the blog Zen Habits, shares some very helpful wisdom around overwhelm:

“If you have a lot of tasks and personal things going on in your life… what makes it feel overwhelming? 

A lot of things isn’t inherently overwhelming — it’s how we view those things.

If you view each task as a potential “dropped ball” or way to let people down or fail … then a bunch of those potential failures and dangers will feel overwhelming."

If every email and message has the potential to have people frustrated with you for not replying, then a long list of unanswered emails/messages will indeed feel overwhelming.

If every decision you need to make has the potential to be a mistake, then you’ll feel overwhelmed by a lot of decisions that all might turn out to be mistakes.

What if your list of tasks, and your pile of daily decisions … felt like a playground? Or maybe an adventure?

You could imagine yourself going into a giant playground with so many different toys and games to play with. 

This could be your task list or your inbox.

What if you could see every single task as an opportunity — to learn, to grow, to serve? 

If you view it that way, t hen it’s a pile of gifts.

Opportunity and play, instead of danger. 

How would it feel if you viewed your life like that?”

Wishing you a full and happy life of easy days, mellow nights and magic moments.

Talk to you tomorrow