Nov. 23, 2021

Find What Works For You - A Different Perspective on Holiday Eating

Find What Works For You - A Different Perspective on Holiday Eating

Kim chooses eat what you want and embrace it. I totally agree if that works for you. It will make the impact much less if you don't beat yourself up. But for some of us there is a different choice.


A different perspective on holiday eating. 

This is one of the really cool things about RiversZen, that we are multiple personalities and we all thrive differently. 

Kim, this morning released a podcast called holiday eating and she said, she's going to eat whatever she wants and not beat herself up.

I think that's fantastic advice if that's your choice. 

I choose something different. 

I choose to maintain my eating plan on the holiday for a couple of reasons. 

Number one, my health is so damn important to me. 

I'm not willing to cheat. I'm not willing to go off my eating plan because on my eating plan, I thrive.

I have no inflammation. I feel incredible and it's not worth it to me to eat some potatoes and some dessert and things that would definitely give me a couple of days of inflammation and pain. 

This is the perfect example to see how you have to do what's right for you and your body. 

My body says don't cheat.

Enjoy the family. Enjoy the day, eat lots of meat. A little over eating if I want to, maybe that's my treat. And then just move on with life. 

Love it, love it. I love the difference. I love the fact that what she recommends works for her and the fact that what I recommend works for me.

Peggy is probably going to be somewhere in the middle. She might nibble at some goodies.

Find what works for you and live with it. 

Embrace it. 

Love it. 

Love your life. 

Move well. Stay happy. Be healthy. Talk to you next time. Have an amazing holiday week.