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Jan. 2, 2022

Fitness and Health Reset Preparation

Everything you need to know to kickstart your Fitness and Health Reset!

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Are you ready for your fitness and health reset? 

Let's go over a few instructions letting you know how it's going to go and a little bit about mindset to get started. 

Here's the mindset. Number one, before you even begin, you have to know, you have to believe that it's possible to reset your fitness and health and change your life for the better. To move and feel better for the rest of your life.

And once you know that you also have to know, you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the desire and the willpower, and you know, you can stick with it for the whole 30 days to accomplish your goals. 

Okay? If you've got those two down, let's move on. 

The foundational videos are going to be pinned to the top of real, not just videos, but the audios and all of the content will be delivered in real, blog, the podcast and in the member area of RiversZen online. That's where we do our classes. There's some fun details coming on that one as we go along today. 

So here's what I want you to do before we start. 

Number one. Listen to the seven keys from October. These are the seven keys that we've developed over the past 20 years that have helped Peggy Kim and myself to live long fit, healthy, energetic, and happy lives.

So listen to that if you have not already. And I would tell you right now, we've added an eighth key the last couple of years. We've always said to question all the medications you take, question doctor's advice, question surgeon's advice, question the news advice. We're going to add that as an eighth key.

And that eighth key is to question everything you put in your body question, everything that you read and know, including what we tell you.

Next, if you're not already a member of Riverszen classes, we want you to join the membership and we're not going to charge you for that.

We told you this was 100% free. The link you're going to see is for a free 21 day membership for new people to RiversZen. We're increasing that for the whole month of January. So it's 30 days and you go in and you join and you're going to get 30 days absolutely free. Now the link is going to be below in the show notes. So be sure you go in and join because we're going to be recommending classes. We're going to recommending training that you can get in that membership. There's no credit card required. There's no obligations. So at the end of 30 days, if you're done, that's fine. Move on. But we know many of you will enjoy our classes, enjoy our trainings and want to become members. There's the full disclosure. 

Next... set aside time every day to listen to a short video, or audio giving you the assignments for that day and covering the eight keys in a little bit more depth. 

One of the beauties of this is that the presentations are all short and sweet. I don't have a long attention span when it comes to listening to audios or watching videos, we try to keep everything under 10 minutes. I think you're going to find we stick to that pretty closely. So don't worry. You don't have to set aside hours every day, set aside 10 to 30 minutes for a movement workout and set aside five to 10 minutes to listen to the podcast I think that's a reasonable request. 

There's going to be presentations by all three of us. I'm going to be your host because I enjoy talking on the microphone more than the other two. Peggy's going to be giving tips and strategies. Kim also. 

Peggy is going to walk you through assessing your current level of fitness and the tools that she provides to check your progress on a regular basis. One of the things I love, these forms she provides. She's got two options. One is for people like her who love the details, who love to detail every little bit of her daily progress. And then there's forms for people like me, who just love the big picture and kind of want to know where I'm at and what I'm doing, but I don't need all the minutiae. So it'll customize to you. 

Kim loves journaling. She's going to be sending daily journal guides to help you if you'd like to keep a journal. I think that's awesome. I liked journaling myself. So there will be daily suggestions, daily, presentations for journaling. 

Here's another beautiful thing.

We have done this so many times that we don't go on just a scripted presentation, our presentations are crafted to the participants. That's why we ask you to let us know that you're participating. So not only let us know that you're in and you're doing this because that gives you the commitment. When you say, Hey, Dave, Hey Peggy, Hey Kim, I'm in. I want to do this. I want to change my life. I'm ready. 

Tell us your personal goals and stay in touch the entire month because this program is crafted around the participants. I know many of you will choose to participate without checking in and that's okay. That's okay if that's how it works for you, but there's going to be absolutely no obligation other than just wanting you to be successful. 

Do us one more favor. The more people we get involved, the more success there is, share those with friends, share it with family and let's rock this thing together. 

So that's it tomorrow morning be ready for day one. Watch the seven keys and let's do this. 

You got any questions? Send them in info. I N F O @ or each one of our names. Dave Kim, Peggy, any one of those If you want to connect with one of us.

So that's it until tomorrow move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live your life with passion, find purpose, and let's do this thing.