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June 1, 2022

Funky Foot Dave

Oh my god... what happened to your foot???????

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If you have been in my class, you've probably noticed that I have a very special left foot. 

The reason I'm doing a podcast today on this is somebody asked me in class today... Very nicely. And I like it when somebody asks nicely, they'll say, is your foot okay? Is, is there something that could be done?

It's way better than back when I was training in Miami, there was one lady that from across the room, about two hours into our first training session, she goes, oh my God, what is wrong with your foot? And I just sheepishly said, it's a bunion, but it's a, it's a bunion. It's a big bunion and a collapsed arch.

Feet are the foundation, but I think the lesson out of this is adaptation. Your body can adapt. 

See, I have no problem, a little bit of balance problem on that foot, but not much and that's more of the collapsed arch. 

So it holds me up. It moves well, it doesn't hurt. There is no pain. So it might look a little weird and it might limit the type of shoes I can wear. but my body has adapted.

Back in 2000 and..... oh, early two thousands. They wanted to do two surgeries on that foot over the course of a year. I decided I didn't want to do that. So I tried rolphing... my feet were way worse than they are now. They actually pronated so badly when I walked in the sand, you only saw a line as opposed to footprint. 

Well, I found out about Rolfing and decided to give it a try. In this case said, Ed Maupin, who had studied with Ida Rolf, worked on my foot twice over a two week period. And man afterwards, it was like I was walking on the foot. It felt well. And so I didn't worry about it anymore and I haven't worried about it since, other than a little embarrassment every now and then when somebody points out that, that I have a very strange looking foot.

Often they're concerned for me because as you know, feet are the foundation of our whole body, our whole physical movement, but I think we can often adapt the body compensates and adapts and if you guide that compensation and adaptation, it can be for the positive. 

Now, sometimes that can be negative, but if you guide it, if you work with it, if I make sure I'm walking straight, I've got my foot straight. It's flat, I've done resistance, stretching. I've done the melt method. I've got all kinds of techniques I use to keep my foot functional and moving. 

This is Dave. Yep. I've got a funky foot, but it doesn't bother me and I hope it doesn't bother you because I move well and it's saved me... boy, when they cut your fascia on your feet, that can be really, really nasty in the long run. 

So I choose to be Dave with the funky foot.

That's the theme of today. Work with your body, adapt with your body. Don't just go in and get the surgery first thing.

Learn to live with what you've got and to move well, stay healthy, be happy. How about some passion and purpose in your life and funky foot Dave signing out.