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Dec. 31, 2021

Happy New Years Eve! Let's Talk About Resolutions, Then We've Got a Huge Announcement Just For You

Happy New Years Eve! Let's Talk About Resolutions, Then We've Got a Huge Announcement Just For You.

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It's new year's Eve... so happy new year, tomorrow is 2022. Can you believe that?

I'm coming to you with a very particular reason today? I want to talk a little about resolutions. Are you a resolution person? I absolutely never have been. I just, you know, one time, a year to make resolutions that most people never stick to. It's just something I'd never done. 

Now I do reboot. I do reset. 

You'll notice at we are starting on the 3rd of January, a real people fitness reset. 

We were going to charge for it, but Kim and Peggy, and I've talked about it. We want as many people as possible to partake in this, we're going to make it absolutely free and we're going to deliver it through our podcast and our blog. 

So, if you're watching this anywhere, other than, you're going to want to kind of bookmark and watch it there. You can listen to the podcast there. And then we have our blog there because starting on the third, for the rest of January, we're going to go through all 12 things that we found over the past 20 years, the things that we've discovered that help Peggy and I to move well, stay healthy, be happy and basically kicking butt and taking names in our, in our late sixties and Peggy's 70. So we want to share that with you and I don't care if you're 20 or you're 80. 

What I would have given to have had all of this knowledge when I was 20 years old. Oh my God. It would have changed my life. 

Well, we want to change some lives. And one thing we've always done, we have our fitness studios in Ilwaco, Washington and Astoria, Oregon, where we do live classes. We also have our online live classes at, R I V E R S Z E And we will encourage you to take a look at those.

We also offer a support link for You can take a look at that. We'll be putting posts up to it. I mean, doing, doing a daily podcast and the software and everything is not necessarily cheap, it's not that expensive, but it's not necessarily cheap. So we do solicit support, but that's not what this is about.

This is 100% about you. You learning what you need to do to move well, stay healthy, be fit for the rest of your life. 

I'm excited about that. The more people we can share this with the better. So please share this with friends, share it with family, share with everybody you know.

Be sure to check out the podcast and the blog on January 3rd. We're going to start with getting your head on straight, because until you get your head on straight until, you know your compelling reasons and your passionate goals, it will not happen for you.

I'll tell you more about that on Monday, but this weekend, I'm just going to encourage everybody to bookmark and to prepare, prepare yourself, make a commitment to yourself. Say, I am ready to change. I am ready to reboot. I'm ready to reset. Or if you've never done it before, I'm ready to change my life.

Because once you start eating well, once you start moving, once you take all the secrets, the breath, the hydration, everything that it takes, you're going to feel amazing. 

We feel better at our age now than we did in our thirties, I guarantee you. And I guarantee you, you can to we've helped so many other people.

So please, please, please send us a text, send us an email, make a comment wherever you're watching us. Just say I'm in. I am going to be participating in the fitness and health challenge. That is part of it. And we decided not to call it a challenge. We're calling it a reset. The thing about challenges have always bugged me.

Now, if you want to think of it as a challenge, yet we challenge you. We challenge you to take this and to change your life. 


So the fitness and health reset, and we're going to do, pretty simple. R E a L P E O P L E .fit 

That's it, everything will be there. And any other information you need to know will be there.

So for today for new year's Eve, one more suggestion. 

Think about what you do tonight. Think about if you're going to party... number one, smile and make it, make it fun.

But maybe think about how much do I want to drink? How much do I want to eat? How do I want to feel tomorrow morning? That's the most important question.

How do you want to feel tomorrow morning? 

Up to you, your choice. 

Until next time move well, stay healthy, be happy. We will talk to you tomorrow and let's go starting January 3rd.