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Feb. 24, 2022

Help Us Help You

I have a serious question for you. Could you please take a couple of minutes and send me an answer?

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Help us help you.

I have a very serious question that I'd like you to ponder and to either write me an email, text me, let me know before or after a class.

I was reading an article the other day and the United States spends more per person on healthcare... by double... than any other country in the world.

Yet at the same time, our life expectancy has decreased dramatically. The average life expectancy in the United States is 78 years old. In Japan it's 84. Why is that? 

I think it's because of the predominance of medicine as opposed to sunshine and working out and fitness and eating well. 

Well, here's my question to you.

You have the knowledge, I guarantee you have the knowledge. You know how you should eat. You know you should work out. You know when you go to class you feel so much better and you have a good time doing it. 

So my question to you is what is holding you back? 

I'd like a serious answer to that. 

This is not a challenge.

I want to be able to develop programs, to help people get past those roadblocks, to get past the, the ease of just taking a pill, as opposed to doing what you know will help you live a long fit and healthy life. 

Please. I'm not going to give you any suggestions because I really, really want to know.

So that's it.

Let me know why you can't do what you know you need to do. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Hope to hear from you soon. Live your life with passion and purpose.