April 22, 2022

How we develop our fitness classes to provide you maximum benefit

How we develop our fitness classes to provide you maximum benefit

Getting to class, getting in practice, listening to your body pays huge benefits. Even if the instructor sequence is not perfect.


Getting to class, getting in practice, listening to your body pays huge benefits. Even if the instructor sequence is not perfect.

Let's face it, that the way we build classes is based upon our training and what we've been through with our trainers, with our mentors, with the classes we go to, the classes we take.

It also has to do with the experience the instructor has. For years, we've done these sequences, we've done these stretches and it all comes down to knowing what has worked for us and has worked for our clients. 

So you develop these sequences, you develop these practices that we can present for you to help you move and feel better.

But you know, there's also a little intuition involved as we watch the room. Doing this for a few years, you get to the point where you can adapt the practice based on what's happening in the room. Some days there's a lot of energy, some days there's not. So we can take our sequences that we plan and adapt those.

Now to me, that's a good instructor, a good instructor who has sequences that they have built over the years, working with themselves and other people. 

But you know, every so often, you get an instructor... like this guy in San Diego... and I really got a kick out of him because it was obvious the guy didn't have a clue what he was doing.

He was obviously reading manuals and books and things before he would come into class and he was just lost. But, you know, we still had a pretty good group going to his classes. Everybody kind of moved on their own. He knew enough about safety and that's the one thing, make sure your instructor is giving advice around the room to protect your knees and protect your back and such. But his class still delivered some great value. 

Another example is in our training, Kihara resistance stretching is where Peggy and I got our certifications... where we did our internship out of Miami. There was this one lady that went through classes about the same time we did. She just never could grasp the whole concept, but yet she'd work with clients. She'd work with people. And even though she wasn't doing it a hundred percent, right. It's still worked. It shows the power of getting up, moving, stretching, doing a regular practice. 

That's my recommendation, find a place where you can go and you can participate and you enjoy the people in your room and you enjoy the instructor. 

I loved this guy in San Diego. He was just such a character. It was really fun going to his classes. And I did some adaptation as we went through... When my body said something wasn't quite right, I would just adapt. It was easy. It was not a problem. 

So protect your body, but at the same time, open your mind. Find something you enjoy, get out there and move every single day. 

I highly recommend fitness classes. It's the synergy of the group, as opposed to just individually trying to beat it out yourself. 

Peggy and I've worked with thousands of people. I know one person who has done a fitness routine and does it every single day and has since he was in college. Very admirable. He is 74 years old and still fit and strong. I think a lot of that has to do with his daily workout routine. He will not miss his daily workout. Period. Never, ever, ever. 

I think that's asking a lot for most of us, but, by going to classes, by committing to classes, to committing to working out synergistically with other people, I think you'll find that's the motivation you need.

So don't worry about the instructor sequence. Don't worry about if it's something that you've seen done before. Go in, have an open mind, listen to your body. Move well, just feel so good and congratulate yourself for getting to that class. 

Most teachers spend a lot of time trying to make our craft better so we can deliver more healing for you. 

That's why we do this. I don't think there's anybody that's really a yoga fitness instructor for the, uh, for the ego. I mean, there's some that have good marketing departments and they've built these huge businesses.

Most of us are in it for the love, wanting to help other people. Most of us are like Peggy and myself and Kim, where we have been able to heal ourselves through fitness classes. Anytime you can get the synergy of the room, you're going to get much better results. I guarantee you the sum of the parts are greater than the individual parts.

Get going, get some fitness classes, get some comradery, find an instructor you enjoy. Maybe you find somebody crazy like me who just spouts things out of his mouth as they come into his head and maybe you find that interesting. Maybe you find that annoying. If you find that annoying go to somebody else. 

All right. Move well, stay healthy be happy. 

That was a bit of a ramble today, hope you get the bottom line of that and that's to find the fitness class that's going to work for you. Commit to it and just feel amazing every single day for the rest of your life.

That's it. Talk to you later.