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Feb. 23, 2022

I Am Totally In, How About You?

The last two days, Kim has shared some powerful, raw, emotional. She calls them confessions. I say she's just a real person and she's had enough. I'm 100% in. How about you?

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Real people with real bodies. 

There's a reason that is our main slogan at We are real people. We are not people without flaws. We are not people with ripped six-packs and that's not even our goal. That is not what we want. We want to be fit healthy, happy, and live long productive lives and be able to live every single day until the very last day when we cash it in. 

But we are real people. We struggle.

The last two days, Kim has shared some powerful, raw, emotional. She calls them confessions. I say she's just a real person and she's had enough. 

Well, we all have... we've been at this for two years. We don't need to dwell anymore. What we need to do is move on, get our lives back together, get rid of that excess weight we've put on, get moving again. Start feeling better. Feel amazing. 

I tell you myself. I slipped. I mean, we all do. For about four weeks I've been wanting ice cream. Ice cream was my go-to treat. As you know, I'm a carnivore. I eat very, very, very few carbs, but the last couple weeks I've really been wanting ice cream.

So yesterday we went out and we got some. Now I used our technique of, if you're going to cheat, if you're going to eat something off of your eating plan, enjoy every bite, laugh, kid about it, share, and just be happy. It has been found that when you do that, it's not as detrimental as if you sit there going oh, woe is me oh, woe is me and beating yourself up. That does no good. 

Did I pay? Yeah. Yeah. I paid a little bit for that and hopefully I won't do it again for months and months and months. 

Did I enjoy it? Yeah. But today in class, my balance was out of whack... yeah, exactly. It was just over the top. I had a lot of trouble balancing and yet I'm teaching a little bit of balancing in this class.

Blood sugar, a little high this morning, weight up a couple pounds. That'll all come back off because I know when I do that, I get right back on. 

So that's it. I'm joining Kim. I'm committing, I'm pledging to get back to my personal practices, to move every single day, to feel better every single day. 

I hope you join us.

Let Kim know.

She's going to be giving a lot of support. She's sharing her adventure with you. It's raw. It's painful, but she's doing it. 

Support her in this... support yourself in this, let us know that you're in. Shoot Kim an email,, Let us all know. We are in, we're doing this together.

We're going to move better. Stay healthy. Be happy. Live with passion and purpose. Talk to you tomorrow.