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Sept. 15, 2022

I Want a Birthday Present From YOU!

Yep, it's my 69th birthday and I'm asking for a very special present from you... every single one of you!!!

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Happy birthday to me! 

Well, here we are... September 15th. The year of our Lord 2022. 

I want to wish myself a very happy birthday. 

You know, I really don't care about my birthday, to be honest. It's been years since I really cared about the birthday. But I take advantage of this day, every year... to ask for presents. 

So, what am I going to ask for this year? 

Let's see, in the past, I've asked that you give up sugar for the month of September. I've asked for a variety of different exercise, workouts and balance challenges and all kinds of things. But this year I've got something very special in mind, and I'm only going to ask you to do it for half the month. 

Remember yesterday when we talked about the fourth named wine in the TJ Swan group. It was called, stepping out. And I told you I was going to challenge you to step out more often. So part of this today is stepping out.... even if it makes you feel silly i want you to do this, okay?

Right after you listen to this podcast, I want you to do it... I want you to continue on every day through the month of September. I really would appreciate if you do every day the rest of this year. 

So I want you to get up. I want you to walk over to the mirror. I want you to look in that mirror and say, I love myself and I accept myself wholly and completely. 

Got that? 

Can you memorize that? Let's try it again. Let's try it together. Say with me, I love myself and accept myself wholly and completely. 

What do you think?

I think you can do that. 

Now I have a little aside. If you want to give it a little extra, if you want more results. Try this one. 

I love myself, wholly and completely, and I love Dave too. I can't wait to go to his classes every day!

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. May you have easy days, mellow nights filled with magic moments... and when you're ready, you're going to be stepping out. 

By the way, if curiosity is getting to you... I know it's hard to believe... but yes, I turned 69 today. So that's it talk to you tomorrow.