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Dec. 2, 2021

I'm Fat, I'm Broken, I'm Pathetic

I'm Fat, I'm Broken, I'm Pathetic. Ever talk to yourself like that? Most of us do from time to time. Give Kim's powerful challenge a try and allow it to change your perception.


I'm fat. I'm broken. My body won't keep up with me. I'm pathetic. 

How many times have you said similar things to yourself? 

Way too many to count, right? 

We've all been there. 

We've all done it.

But would we do it to a loved one? 

Would we say those things to a loved one? 


What about a stranger? 

No way. 

So why do we do it to ourselves?

Today I want to challenge you. 

I want you to look in the mirror or maybe write yourself a letter, and I want you to write three things you love about yourself.

It might be challenging. 

But I know you can do it. 

Treat yourself with kindness.

Treat yourself the way that you would talk to a loved one or a friend. 

We all feel things and it's okay. 

We need to focus on ourselves and be positive with our self.

Be kind.

Give yourself a break. 

Not only do I want you to say these things to yourself, I want you to really listen to yourself. 

You are amazing. 

Be kind. 

Be gentle.

Challenge yourself.