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Dec. 3, 2021

It's The Weekend - Need Some Tough Love?

Here comes temptation. Are you ready? Do you know the questions to ask yourself before you make a decision that could effect your health?


Here comes the weekend. 

Do you need some tough love? 

Do you need to be reminded how healthy you are, how good you feel?

There's going to be temptation Friday night. 

Somebody's going to want to go out and get a drink. Somebody's gonna want to go out to dinner. Somebody's going to want to go out and party. Somebody is going to bring you cookies, cake, ice cream, popcorn, that maybe you shouldn't be eating. 

So here's the tough love before you do any of that, don't blindly do it. 

Don't blindly eat poorly this weekend. 

Don't blindly overeat this weekend. 

Ask yourself... what is more important?

That dish of ice cream, that ice cream cone that, that amazing quadruple chocolate drizzled cake - or my health?

How do I want to feel Monday morning? 

Do I want to be lethargic next week or do I want to be energetic, fit, healthy, happy. 

It's up to you. 

You are in charge of your body. 

It's totally your choice. 

If you want to do that quadruple chocolate, drippy, sicky, sweet cake, go for it.

Just know the price you're going to pay. 

That's what I'm asking you to do this weekend. 

Everything you do, every extra food you eat, every alcohol you drink, every bit of everything you put in your mouth, I'm asking you to stop and say, is this what I really want to do?

That's today's message. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Talk to you soon.