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Nov. 6, 2021

It's What They Do - It's Their Job (MindSet)

Someone pulls out in front of you what do you do after you've avoided the accident? Yell, scream and curse? It happened to me this morning, check out my reaction.


It's what they do. 

Mindset. Here's a good mindset lesson. 

I'm driving down the road and I just had a car just not even slowed down at the stop sign, pull out in front of me, cutting me off, making me slam on my brakes and pull back. And I'm just like, what are you thinking, dude?

My first reaction is I'm sure yours would be as you know, good mother bleep, bleep, bleep bleep. Son of a bleeping bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. 

What are you thinking? Do you want to die? I don't want to die with you. What are you doing? 

Well, did that do me any good? Did I feel better afterwards? Nah, and I really didn't do that this time.

I was actually thinking about what I would've done years ago and I would've come unglued and maybe even ruined my whole day. But no, I don't do that anymore. 

There was a motivational speaker that I was out... actually, we had a yellow page company... I was out delivering directories one day and I was in a church and there was a big crowd and place was packed.

I mean, cars everywhere, which is really unusual for this particular church, but it was a big, big, well, on a weekday on weekends, it was totally packed. It was a big auditorium. I mean, they probably seat two to three thousandpeople. The place was packed to the gills and there was this speaker up on the, on the podium and he was speaking about life. 

His name was Jim Rohn and turned out he was a motivational speaker and they had brought him in and opened up to the public. And so I sat down, I listened to this guy and it was one of the most profound things, was when he talked about how you have to accept other people for what they are.

And in this particular time this gentleman's job in life was to be a no stopper, run to the stop signer. And that's his job. 

So can you really be angry at a man for just doing his job? 

It really hit me like a ton of bricks. And maybe it's something you could think of to. The bottom line is not about forgiving him or because it was stupid.

I mean, he could have really hurt us both dramatically could have changed our lives, could have affected our families . Because he was not being conscious. He was not being aware. He just rolled through a stop sign. It's early on Sunday morning, probably rolls to that stop sign all the time because there's never anybody coming. Well, this time there was somebody coming.

And so by not paying attention, he put us both in some serious jeopardy and some serious risk. 

Well, that's bad, but it's not the bottom line. Let's say I ran him down... oh my God. I had an assistant manager one time back when I was in my twenties and I was a store manager of a national chain drug store.

And my assistant manager was a guy, he would follow somebody 30 miles to get out and give them a piece of his mind. 


Well, was that do either party any good? 

Did it really accomplish anything? 

I have to believe this gentleman that pulled out in front of me. actually probably felt a little sheepish when he realized there was a car, right on top of him, I've done it myself we all have.

Maybe just, maybe the car was blocked from your vision. Maybe like he did. I believe he did. He just rolled through a stop sign, not thinking, well, sometimes it happens. It happens to the best of us. So don't let an instance like that ruin your life. If the guy waved sheepishly ...and it's dark outside, I couldn't see if he was waving or even acknowledged that he had done it. 

But I mean, I got to believe when he looked in his rear view mirror and saw headlights right on top of him that he realized, oops, I probably shouldn't have done that. Well, he did, it's over. He probably feels bad. I don't feel bad. I just feel like, well, he was doing his job.

His job this morning was to pull out right through that stop sign and just keep going and, and to make me think a little bit so I can share this with you. Maybe that's his job. I don't know. Could be anyway. 

Oh, he's going to... it looks like a bunch of guys in a big old garage. Interesting. It must be maybe their car guys going to do some work and he was excited.

Nonetheless, bottom line of the message. Let people do what they're going to do, and rather than getting all upset and ruining your day and maybe their's and maybe even getting in an auto accident yourself because you're flipping out, take a deep breath and go, huh that's cool, look what he just did. He's doing his jooooob, it's what he dooooooes. 

That's the message. Take it for what you will , till we talk next time, move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion.