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Feb. 26, 2022

Just Do It!

I'd like to share Kathy Wigutoff's thoughtful response to the question I posed a couple of days ago. In it she reveals an ahha moment she had as she listened to this week's podcasts. I'm sure Many of you have this exact issue.

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A couple of days ago I asked for responses to the question... you know what to do, you know what to eat, you know that going to class not only builds strength and flexibility but is big fun... and yet you don't do it consistently. Why is that? What do you need to get onto your plan and follow it for life?

Many of you responded but with her permission, I'd like to share Kathy Wigutoff's thoughtful response. 

In it she reveals an ahha moment she had as she listened to this week's podcasts.

Here it is:

Seriously ...your question is difficult to wrap the mind's  thought process around. There is alot involved. 

It's easiest to... just say this, or say that, or rationalize it from any angle you can think of.  We already do that. That is what You hear everyone say... listing their goals and compelling reasons. That all sounds so good. Yeah... sounds so Do-able.

But the true answer to initiate "MOTIVATION" is connected to a person's overall state of their Mental Health.

Kim's raw truth is enlightening to me!  She touched on something that resonates heavily to me, and likely to everyone who truly listened to her heartfelt, mental anguish...


I just realized that "Starting" a program has its own mental connotations and blocks that often end up self-defeating for some folks. if you start and don't finish or start and don't FULLY achieve the outcome you set in your "goals" ,  or don't accomplish what you "thought" you could,...   THIS, consciously... or more often UNconsciously... becomes something in your mind that affects your overall Mental Health and keeps you stuck from "starting and trying"  too many times. 

That is human nature. We don't want to keep on failing or falling short. 

So.... we rationalize....  "Yeah, we're doing pretty OK the way we are, we're not doing too bad, it could be worse, .... so we don't need to add the mental angst and stress of STARTING again only to have questionable outcomes that don't meet our expectations (goals) we imposed on ourselves."

However...a juxtaposition here....Goals ARE super important and very valuable, but maybe they don't offer the true DAILY MOTIVATION to keep us on track long term. ?? The goal dangling out there may be enough for some people... but not for the average folks like me.

Maybe it's actually the "start or end" connected with it.

As Kim says... "JUST DO SOMETHING!"

We need to work WITH our Mind to encourage and create a POSITIVE Mental Health outcome that brings us to a Healthier state..on all levels - holistically.

"Just Doing"... may be the TRUE MOTIVATION piece that is needed and missing to keep us going. "Just Do"... Then see what moves me to do next to continue on. Adjust as necessary. Repeat .... success will follow.... Goals achieved !!

Nike got right ?? years ago!! Just Do It.

Right on Kathy and well said.

So the bottom line is she's absolutely right, just do it. 
Something is better than nothing. 

Today is the day to make it happen.

Will you take that first step today?

I'm totally in, join us!

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion and find a purpose in your life.