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Aug. 19, 2022

Let Kim Gibbs Be Your Inspiration

Most of you don't know Kim's real story and the physical struggles she's been through in her life because watching her lead a class you think she's always been strong and fit. Here is her story... We hope it inspires you to know you can overcome almost anything with the right attitude!

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Let Kim inspire you. 

Continuing our Friday inspirational people stories. 

Kim Gibbs is my daughter and so I'm very prejudiced. She is absolutely amazing. I don't think most of you know her story. 

I actually wrote to Kathy Wigutoff and I asked her to write how she feels about Kim. She takes her classes. So first I'm going to read you Kathy's email that she sent back to me and then I'm going to Kim tell her story in her own words.

If you're not inspired after listening to this, if you don't want to rush the Kim's classes. I don't know what to say. 

So here we go. This is from Kathy regarding Kim. 

Kim is simply amazing. 

She so inspires me. 

She is a very young 30 plus year old matriarch of a four generation household. 

That alone is no easy feat right there, especially nowadays in this currently unsettled world, just coming out of the pandemic. 

She and the family maintain a small farm and have a myriad of farm animals to care for, including two wild Mustangs they're taming. 

She homeschools three children. 

She is an amazing cook (and I will confirm that)... has written a low carb recipe cookbook. 

She co-owns and helps run the RiversZen business.

She's a fitness instructor. She pushes people, always with caring, concern, and love to be their absolute best self. She has a wonderful sense of humor with a daily practicality that sees her through. 

Kim is empathetic and consistently inspires others by being a great role model and a wholesome example to follow. 

She is a wonderful caring daughter as well. 

Good hearted people, dedicated and doing positive good for others are not who are getting into the news these days. But Kim, peggy and women like them are the powerful forces that make the difference in our lives. 

That is why at 74 years old, I am still inspired to participate in her Butt and Gut classes. 

She's good at what she does and that is what inspires me. 

I am a better person for knowing her and in better health than I would be without her or RiversZen. 

Kim is amazing. 

I totally agree, Kathy. I couldn't have said it better myself. 

So now listen to Kim story in her own words. 

And be amazed. 

Hey y'all. So Dave asked me to share my story of me being broken. So here it is. 

When I say I was broken I don't mean that I wasn't living my best life and able to do what I wanted mostly, but I was heading down a road that I truly would be broken. 

Let's take it back to my younger years. From a young age, I always had knee problems.

This one time, I was like... maybe about 12, 13 and I remember I was getting into a friend's parents blazer... and he also happened to be my crush back then. So talk about embarrassing of a situation. All of a sudden, my knee shifted and I fell out... embarrassing and super painful. 

I had no idea what happened. All I knew I was in pain. 

My parents took me to the doctor and they told me that I was just growing too fast for my bones and my kneecap was sitting off to the side, but it would even itself out and straighten out as I got older. 

So fast forward to my early thirties, my knee officially went out, probably about once a month since I had that first incident.

I have an extreme high pain tolerance. So it would knock itself out of place and I would just pull it back in. 

My surgeon said that this isn't normal and he's never heard of that before and that I'm crazy!

Hmm, he's accurate on that part. I also know I'm pretty amazing. 

Anyways, I now had to have surgery on my knee where I have complete new ligaments, ACL repair, meniscus, and they cut my tibia to realign it with my knee cap.

I still have the screws in, so sometimes if you see me in class, I might be modifying because the floor and those screws, don't always feel very good. 

My surgeon at the time told me that I need a complete knee replacement within three to five years.

Here I am almost seven years later and I'm still going. Some days aren't pretty, but I'm still moving and grooving

If my knee wasn't enough, when I was 18, I got into a pretty serious car accident. It was a sunny day and it was on a straightaway... and I was only about two miles from my house. I ran straight into a tree. There were no alcohol or drugs or anything like that... middle of the day. How? I'm still not sure, but somehow I did it. I have flashbacks once in a while. I think I actually sneezed and reached down for my cup and I was a new driver. So I had that wondering hand. 

Anyways, so I was life flighted to a trauma center and my parents were told that I might not make it through. 

Thankfully I walked away with just eye surgery from shattering my orbit and a cut in my tongue. That was awesome to show people cuz it was cut in half and I had stitches and some really gnarly bruises. 

I did follow up with my doctors after that and they sent me to a chiropractor because I was having a lot of neck and back pain. I was told that by the age of 25, because of my scoliosis, that I was born, with my bulging discs and reversed vertebrae in my neck, that I would be in a wheelchair, a wheelchair by the age of 25, you're telling an 18 year old this, I thought the doctor was freaking nuts!

You tell me I can't do something, I'm gonna prove you wrong. Once again, here I am. Proving the doctor's wrong. 

Yes. I get pain where it really hurts and movement might be more limited than other days, but now I have the tools to fix it and to be more comfortable. 

I do a combination of stretching and strengthening. I voodoo floss, my knee. I use some natural products to control the pain and to prolong surgery as long as I can. 

And honestly, I'm here to help you do the same. 

I'm not gonna guarantee that you're gonna be pain free. I'm can't because it happens. All we can do is utilize the tools that we know to help ease the pain, to strengthen so that when it's time for my knee surgery, my total knee replacement, I'm gonna be strong enough to get through it and bounce back.

Okay. Well that was a lot of talking and I talked really fast, so I hope you all followed me and thank you for listening to my story. 

I hope to see you all soon. Bye.

And now I think you understand why say Kim is so inspiring. 

She has been through a ton in her life and look at her, look at her. She's amazing. 

So that's today's inspiration. I hope Kim can inspire you. Every Friday, we're going to bring you somebody else who is very inspirational. 

So may you move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion and we will all talk to you very soon