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June 8, 2022

Let Your Pile of Good Things Grow!

We're going to hear a little inspiration from author Rainbow Powell from the book Attachments....

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We're going to hear a little inspiration from author Rainbow Powell from the book Attachments. 

The author writes... so, what if instead of thinking about solving your whole life you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time, just let your pile of good things grow. 

The simplicity of this advice is so powerful to me. It's not about making major overhauls in to our lives or doing something drastic and dramatic. It's just a slow and steady approach to adding more good to our life. 

Step-by-step one good thing at a time. 

When I imagine that pile of good things and the intention of adding more... more love, more grace, more patience with myself... more joy... it all just feels good. 

How wonderful would it be to approach life this way. To release ourselves from having to solve everything and make a commitment to add in more good things each day. To allow that pile to get bigger and bigger. 

Can you imagine what that would feel like? 

To release the pressure of solving everything and focusing on just adding good things. 

How much of an impact could that make? 

So right here and right now, Take a moment to just think about one little good thing that you could add today. 

Let's remember this simple profound advice as we move forward... to add additional good things, to let that pile keep growing and growing. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy and live your life with passion and purpose.

Talk tomorrow