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March 3, 2022

Let's Get Bored!

Allow yourself to be bored. Now there's an interesting concept. Most of us run from boredom. But maybe sometimes....

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Allow yourself to be bored. 

Now there's an interesting concept. 

Most of us run from boredom. But maybe sometimes shutting off all the electronics, shutting off the TV, getting away from all the distractions and just allowing yourself to be bored is exactly what you need. It's amazing when you just sit and breathe and let everything be.

The amazing ideas, the amazing thoughts, the amazing clarity that will come to you. 

So maybe boredom isn't so terrible, maybe rather than thinking of it as boring think of it as freeing. 

That's the suggestion for today. 

Find some spot, get rid of all the distractions. Get rid of the phones, the TVs, the ipads, anything to distract you. Sit, breathe and be. 

May you move well, may you stay healthy, may you be happy and live with passion. 

Talk to you very soon.