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Jan. 10, 2022

Let's Kick Off Week Two of Your Fitness and Health Reset!

Still going? Hope so, here is a quick message of encouragement with more to come later today!


All righty, let's kick off week two with a bang. 

Get your classes in today, take some nice deep breaths, long slow exhales, drink plenty of water. 

Now. Here's how this week's going to go. 

Tomorrow morning we're will be sending you a training. It's really great. Peggy's put this together. It's a training on breath. I was just reading through it myself. I think you're going to really enjoy it. 

We think that breathing is something that is so simple to do, to just walk through your day, taking a breath. It is so important. It's the one thing you can't live without, for more than a few minutes. Everything else, water, food, everything else is quick.

And then we're going to cover hydration the next day. And then we're going to start our eating plan, but you're already on your eating plan, correct? You're already watching your processed foods, hopefully eliminating your processed foods and greatly reducing your sugar, 

We're going to give you some guidance this week on how to discover your own unique eating plan.

Did you know that diets only work for about... the best diet, the very best diet only works for about 60% of the population. So we're going to create the customized eating plan. 

Today be sure you're getting your exercise in. Be sure you're drinking. Be sure your'e moving and breathe deeply. We will talk to you tomorrow.

Look, looking forward to that presentation myself, move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. Talk to you soon.