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Feb. 9, 2022

Let's Talk Social Media

Do you get embroiled in crazy discussions on social media? Yep, me too!

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Here's a tough one. Try shutting off your social media for a while. 

We get so wrapped up. I was looking at a quote from somebody earlier today and they were talking about, it's amazing how you're on social media, you're on Facebook, you're on Twitter. You're on Tik TOK, you're on whatever, and you get embroiled and all these conversations.

You think that's what the world's all about, but when you shut off the electronics for a day and you go around and you start connecting with people, you find out hardly anybody is really thinking about those subjects that you're ranting and raving about on Facebook, Twitter, whatever. 

So my suggestion is try shutting off the social media for a day, for two days, for a week and get a new perspective on what's really happening in life. 

May you move well, may you stay healthy, be happy, live with passion.

I will talk to you soon.