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April 6, 2022

Listen To Your Body For Maximum Results

Modify as you need it, listen to your body. Don't let your mind say that you can't do it cause you can, we can get it in that right muscle.

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Let's talk modifications... the second that an instructor or someone mentions modifications or to modify, a lot of people cringe, or they just ignore.

You shouldn't be ignoring the instructor's instructions. There's a reason typically why we are saying it. It could be someone's new class, or maybe they're noticing that someone should be modifying, but they don't want to call them out. 

The thing is you should not... not modify just because you don't want to make a fool of yourself. Modifications are there to help you. It's there to target the proper muscles. 

Let's use our core for example, say we're doing core work, but you're feeling it in your back. You're feeling it, your knees everywhere, but your core.

You need to modify... your core is not strong enough to be doing the move that you're currently doing. So modify so you can get into that targeted area. 

There is nothing wrong with modifications. It's there protect your body from injuring yourself. 

If you don't do those modifications then you're going to injure yourself. You're going to be out of class, say 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks. 

Think of all that progress you're going to lose in that time, when you could just be modifying, targeting that same muscle and moving forward and not back. 

Otherwise, you're going to sit there. You're going to keep doing it wrong. You're going to keep feeling it in your back or wherever. And you're not really strengthening the muscle that we're trying to target.

Do the modifications. If you don't know a modification and you feel you need one, ask the instructor, there is no shame.

Just because Billy Joe is doing it a certain way over there does not mean that it's the best way for you.

If you actually look around a classroom, most of the times everybody is doing it different. That's because everyone is on a different level.

But believe it or not, everybody is working that same muscle, no matter how they are doing it. 

So modify as you need it, listen to your body. Don't let your mind say that you can't do it cause you can, we can get it in that right muscle.

We can target the proper muscle. If that's modification, amping it up or regular or whatever it is, there is no shame. 

Just listen to your body. 

That's all I got for today. Thank you for listening. And I can't wait to see all in class. Bye