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Feb. 12, 2022

Motion versus Exercise

Motion versus Exercise.  Are they the same? How are they different? Which is more important? 

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Motion versus Exercise

Are they the same? How are they different? Which is more important? Let’s first define each. Motion is movement, any movement of any and all body parts. Whatever the body can do is considered motion. Exercise is movement with a specific focus to become stronger or healthier. Any movement of the body is motion but all motion may not be exercise. 

Katy Bowman authored a thought-provoking book entitled “Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement” where she details the difference between movement and exercise. She shares how our ancestors had a more active lifestyle and moved their body throughout the day (moving approximately 3000 minutes a week) compared to the typical exerciser today (moving approximately 300 minutes a week). Not only did they move more but they slept more. Their movement was accomplished throughout their day where we typically schedule times for our exercise. Additionally, we have become a society of sitters (or standers for those who have a standup desk). Sitting or standing one can stay in the same posture for extended periods of time which does not provide for the ideal environment for any body. That sedentary lifestyle has encouraged exercise to become a part of our routine and it is great for so many reasons. It gives us focus, releases endorphins, strengthens our body, improves our range of motion, helps reduce body fat, encourages us to breathe, may provide community or solitude depending on the choice and/or location of the activity.

So, which is more important? They both represent activity important to our overall health. Motion throughout the day is key to getting out of a sedentary lifestyle and setting the body up for a healthier environment. Walk more often. Try different terrains. Intersperse hills, beach, woods to experience the different nuance of the unique surfaces. You will use different muscles. Try to bring more motion into your day whatever you are doing. Park further away. Take the stairs. When at the airport walk rather than taking the moving sidewalk. When unloading the dishwasher or the dryer make more trips to return the items to their proper home. Be more concerned about your form or posture. Are you squatting properly? Are you balanced? If you are accomplishing these tasks from a forward fold, are you balanced? Is your spine extended? You may say you don’t have time for that kind of deliberate action in your everyday life, but do you have time not to? What’s the cost of doing it wrong? There is some food for thought! Till next time . . .

Move Well. Stay Healthy. Be Happy. Live Your Life with Passion. Bye Bye!!