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April 4, 2022

Move Today!

Did you move today? Did you get your motion in? 

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Did you move today? Did you get your motion in? 

I'm going to keep encouraging you to do that. 

One of the four foundations to live a long, healthy, happy, fit life is daily motion. 

By daily motion, I'm not necessarily talking about even doing a fitness class... although I highly highly recommend doing a RiversZen fitness class on a daily basis.

It's for you. It's not for me. It's for you to do that class and to get your body in great shape. 

But I'm talking about maybe next time you go somewhere and you're parking in a parking lot, park way the heck out, walk in.

You know, we do silly things like, Peggy and I will... say we're rolling up mats in the studio.

Recently, well, not recently, two years ago at the start of the pandemic, we found a new cleaning solution that says, wipe the mat off, spray it down and then leave it sit. The more it's open to the air, the better disinfecting this product's going to do. So we have you leave the mats out and then we roll them up later and put them away.

Well, here's an example of extra motion for us. I roll the mat up and Peggy does to, one at a time. Roll a mat up, walk it over to the accessory, put it away, go back, roll another mat over, walk over it. I'm getting some movement. I'm getting some, I'm bending over. I'm rolling the mat. I'm walking to make it easier for me to get my motion. 

Go up and down the stairs. Don't take an elevator. 

There are so many ways to move. I mean, when I'm on the phone, I walk in circles. If I'm in the living room, I make big circles. Today in the studio I had a 20 minute phone call. For that 20 minutes I walked what I called the track around the edges of our studio. 

Hey, you know what? That is amazing. If you do that, you're going to get more exercise that most people in the country anymore. 

So that's my recommendation and my question. The question, have you moved today? I hope so. I hope you got up. I hope you've moved. I hope you're feeling amazing. I hope you feel your body working out.

So that's it until tomorrow move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live every fricking day with passion. Talk to you soon.